ByBrad Dee, writer at

As we enter the second issue of "Years of Future Past", there are alot of things that are presented to us. Much of the classic "Days of Future Past" centered on the worlds fear of mutants, and why they must be held in prison camps or exterminated. This fear kept the comic line going and was seen for years and years to come in almost all of the mutant comics. It even continued in the "X-men vs Avengers" series that came out a few years ago, and was a central theme in the newest X-men series. But, now we see what a future that was determined by media blogs, public outcry and political fear looks like. A world where again the mutants must fight for survival on a planet that would rather they all be removed.

As we saw last issue, the few remaining mutants had escaped their prison and were on the run. The world again fears them due to the media using a attack as leverage. But, much of this issue didn't follow that as not really much happened. Sure, there was some defining moments such as Colossus explaining to his daughter that it doesn't matter why people despise mutants, they just do. It shows based on present world controversies of why some genders, people or stereotypes are hated by the world. We don't need a reason. We can just invent one afterwards and follow how others look at us. The beginning of the issue is told by two different perspectives, that of Chrissie and Cameron about how they were brought up and how they view their present situation. But the problem is that much of this issue is filler. There is very little action and even less story development. We're committed to this world now, and we want to know what will happen to these X-Men. Bennett, Norton, and Plascencia are creating the X-Men at their best: fighting for good in a world that hates and fears them. As much as I am hoping the series does improve, and it might based on the introduction of the Doom-sentinals and the return at the end of another X-men favorite character(who's now all grown up), it needs to improve fast since there is just 3 issues left. I give this issue a 6 out of 10. Alot of dialogue and not enough substance this month.


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