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In a time where comic books dominate the silver screen, I think it's time for some book-to-film. Without any further do, here's my personal list of books that deserve a film.

1) Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin is a novel written from the point of view of a slave all across south-america, from Kentucky to Lousiana, all kinds of stuff happens. It is said to be the book that fueled the abolitionist cause in 1850. I loved the book and if they ever do a movie, I'll be more than happy to pay for it.

2) The Year of the Hare (or Jäniksen vuosi in suomi)

This finnish story is a heart-warming tale about a man who quits his work as a reporter in Helsinki to live the rest of his days in the wilderness, in company of his friendly hare. His adventures take him from Turku in south Finland to Sodankylä in the north, he even spends some time in Russia. A book with a lot of heart but most of all, it's funny and ends in the most cool way possible. I would definitely love to see this as a movie.

3) Ulysses Moore

This is a series of adventure books written by italian author Pierdomenico Bacclario. It centers around three teenagers and their adventures in the fictional town of Kilmore Cove, but more specifically in the Argo Mansion, where a mysterious door of time is located. That door, when properly used, can lead to any time, past or future. So basically, it's a Tardis. Anyway, I would love to see something like this, although I've heard that in 2010 a movie short was being filmed in Liverpool to gather interest for a potential film adaptation of Ulysses Moore, in the production of which it has been reported that Disney may be involved, so maybe a Ulysses Moore movie in the nearby future ?

4) El asombroso viaje de Pomponio Flato

Couldn't find an english version, actually I think there is none. Here's the translation for the title : The amazing journey of Pomponio Flato. And this book right here, is one of the best I've read. It's set in the first century and it's a comedic/detective book about a philosopher named Pomponio Flato travelling through the world and one day he ends up in Nazaret. Once he's there, he is hired by Jesus (yes that's his name) to prove his father Joseph is innocent of murder. Think of it as the BBC show Sherlock, but set in the first century in Nazaret. Yes that's how awesome this book is.

5) Treasure Island

What more to be said, it's the classical pirate/booty story. A kid hears about the location of a treasure, he then embarks on a boat, and adventure follows. But now, we have the advantage of having the TV show Black Sails, which is a prequel story to this. If they ever do this movie again (like 15 weren't enough), I want it to have the same vibe/feel/visuals as Black Sails.

Let me know what book would you like to see as movies. Sound off in the comments.


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