ByKevin Thomas, writer at

Over the past few years, Marvel and DC have been battling it out at the multiplexes, each releasing films based on their iconic characters. Marvel tends to be lighter and more fun, while DC is more gritty and introspective. I'm more on Marvel's side because of their lighthearted approach, but DC is also somewhat good at providing entertainment

The Avengerverse, as I like to call it, is better right now because it has been going since 2008, whereas DC only stepped up to bat with Man Of Steel in 2013. They are fastracking their universe to catch up with Marvel, and I think this is a move far too risky for them. Green Lantern was supposed to start up their justice league universe, but failed from poor reviews and terrible word-of-mouth. While the movie isn't very good, I will say that it is not as awful as some would lead you to believe.

Anyway, DC needs to step up their game in a big way if they want to make a dent in the comic book movie wars. This means reigning in directors like zack Snyder who don't know when to let up on the action, and allow directors who know what they are doing direct their way. I believe that DC can make history if Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is successful. My butt will definitely be in a seat on opening weekend, hoping that DC can surprise us all


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