ByBrad Dee, writer at

Batman Beyond was always seen as a darker comic book and cartoon then people gave it credit for. There was always scenes of humor and adult moments, but people looked beyond it due to the nature of the show. But now, we are at a totally different version of Batman Beyond. Terry is dead and Tim Drake has taken over the persona of the Batman of the future. But, even with Terry gone, the comic is still moving forward as if he was still there, and is having a difficult time finding its own personality since it is muddled in so many different concepts at the same time. Blame that on "Futures End".

"Futures End" is one of those weekly comic events that people just want to forget about. Sure, it started off well and had alot of potential, but by the end, we never even got closure on some of the stories, and it just served as a prequel to this comic that is coming out now. For fans of "Batman Beyond", we still get a chance to see some familiar faces(such as an adult Barbara Gordon and Inque), but that's around it. Now, we are in a future where Brother Eye has won and is in control of almost the entire earth. Tim failed in his mission even though he believed that he succeeded and was catapulted to a future that was even worse then the one that Terry left from. As a self-contained comic, it does have potential to be a good series, and one always has to have faith in Dan Jurgans. But, this comic series so far is trapped between Tim Drake, "Futures End" and "Batman Beyond", and at this point it doesn't seem that will end anytime soon. What is old is new again seems to be a motif. Sure, we have seen Terry take on Inque a number of times. But, have we ever seen Tim take on Inque? Well, now we have and this might be the stance this comic goes for months and months. This comic does have moments where you are reminded of the brilliance of Dan Jurgans and the fun of the older cartoon, but it's muddled in other moments that are still trying to find its own two feet. It's a good read, but nothing that screams out "put me on your pull list for next month". I give this issue the same grade I gave the last issue....a 6 out of 10.


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