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Michael Clark Daversa

NAME: Michael Daversa/Para GX/The Outsider

KNOWN ALIAS: Blue Hooded Crusader, Crimes Peak Vigilante, Electric S, The Vigilante

OCCUPATION: Student, Reporter


KNOWN RELATIVES: Anthony Daversa/Kon-Lar(Brother), Chris Archer [Daversa]/The Hood-Man (Half Brother), Debra Daversa (Aunt), Theresa [Daversa] Greenfield (Aunt), Scott Greenfield (Uncle), Regina Walker (Mother), Skye Quanci/Solara (Cousin), Hope Quanci/Lunara(Cousin), Michael Daversa/Para GX (2) (Clone)

GROUP AFFILIATION: NONE; Staten Island High School Student, The Outcastes, The Outlawed, Ledger Staff

EDUCATION: Current High School Student


A teenager, who is a student in his first year of Staten Island High. Years ago, Michael Daversa was experimented on to make the ultimate weapon, Para GX. Michael Is an awkward, seemingly normal high school student that maintains a 92 average, But Michael has a secret he is a human alien hybrid. For years, Michael has special abilities and lives a duel identity as The Outsider a hero from the shadows. Eager to find out who he is and what his purpose is in life Michael often finds himself in precarious situations with his friends Alicia Hunters, Frank West, Sarah DiBella and countless others. Michael though is not much of a team player and does not really feel too fond of protocol often working alone. He is very compassionate, serious, and dark. Michael is very passionate and always tries to do what he feels is right. Some say a great weakness of Michael is his looking for the good in everyone occasionally people that do not deserve it. Michael uses his identity as the Outsider to protect people.

Armagedon: Certain characters don’t have an origin that is known Armagedon is a dark essence that was made physical centuries ago. He is viewed as a god due to how powerful and immortal he is. Armagedon can reincarnate himself and be reborn. Driven by universal conquest and belief that he should be worshiped, He believed that he should destroy and make everything in his very own image. Powerful and virtually a god he creates a weapon that he feels could be a sole soldier in his conquest to destroy and help his crusade: Para GX. He has no weaknesses and is virtually unstoppable. Michael gained his abilities on the day of the eclipse known as “Dark Friday“, and the start of the invasion at the age of 10. He was taken by an evil alien dictator known as Armagedon. Armagedon had wished to enslave and destroy all of the universe under his rule. Ultimately he was going to kill many innocent people and destroy the Earth. Michael was experimented on to make the ultimate weapon, Para GX. Armagedon wanting to make a soldier that will lead the attack and help take over Earth and eventually the universe to destroy the civilization and make Armagedon rebuild the entire universe in his image painting him as a god. When they attacked Michael was still in captivity and would black out escaping with the Para GX State: A state of being where Michael is at his full potential and most powerful. Michael however is not himself but black outs. His eyes turn a glowing red with a black filling the rest. With veins appearing on his face that show a blood thirsty and vicious side of his subconscious. Michael would manage to return to Earth with little to no memory of the things that happened. Michael would single handedly oppose Armagedon’s influence and take on the army he had sent while protecting his friends and loved ones.

After 3 years Armagedon would return; leading another hostile attack on Earth. Michael would face off against Armagedon of killing him and using him to make a new Para experiment. The battle would take a fatal turn leading to the death of Armagedon. As the years progressed Michael would become a vigilante eventually making a name for himself as ‘The Outsider’. Taking on some of the city’s most dangerous crime bosses. With crime and the city growing worse the government would make experiments as a precaution to stand against the meta-humans that were surfacing. Christina DiBella; Close friend and sidekick, would take on the role as his computer hacker and would help him to gather information to help him during his crusade. The friend that lives next door, A girl that ultimately is very soft spoken caring compassionate and keeps to herself. Christina is Sarah’s cousin and a close friend to many others. Christina is a very attractive and former member of the Staten Island High Ledger with Alicia. Christina is one of the first to learn Michael’s secret and keep it and ultimately dies due to her personal connections to Michael, Frank and many others. Christina constantly is there as a reminder to help Michael hold on to continue fighting the good fight. And her death serves a purpose to all of the characters. She eventually helps in Michael’s role as a vigilante and works to help him progress into the role as a hero. Christina works to supply intel, moral support and aid when needed to The Outsider playing a huge role in his crusade. Christina learning all her computer techniques from Alicia Hunters and from trial and error.

While Michael would live his double life many would be kept out of his secret duel identity, such as his friends Alicia Hunters, Frank West, Sajjid Ahamad and countless others, even the girl he loves Angelica Nicole. Angelica is the small town beautiful girl in school the girl that is very much known for being a cheer leader in freshman and sophomore year. Angelica usually keeps to herself and is Michael’s first main love interest. Angelica and Michael no longer in speaking terms her Uncle is the Police Captain. At times she helps him by giving information private to the NYPD. Michael and Angelica try various times to make things work with many complications. Angelica and Michael would meet her early in his elementary school days and go to the same school their entire lives practically however they would become friends growing closer as time progressed. After the Outsider would begin reaching out to Angelica’s help to give her info on certain criminals and various cases. Angelica is Michael’s first love. With various attempts at a normal relationship they would have issues with Michael not telling her what he is keeping secrets and being less than honest with her. After Angelica’s exodus. Michael would be hit hard by losing her to his secret and his double life. The week before the Homecoming Dance a car would go off the road as a result of the driver seeing something fall out of the sky and make an impact destroying the road, while Michael was close by. Running to her aid he would save her moments before the car explodes shielding her from the blast. After saving her Michael would learn it was Christina’s cousin Sarah DiBella. Being the new girl next door and new girl in school she would catch Michael’s attention. Showing her to the Homecoming Dance Michael would stand her up due to another attack led by Armagedon. Michael would somehow manage to restore his physical appearance before taking him on again this battle would lead to him facing Armagedon’s soldiers at the school in his home and countless other places. Michael would stop the attack ending with Michael seemingly killing Armagedon. Armagedon and countless others would become reoccurring threats as things. As Michael aged his abilities grew and the threats that surfaced did as well.

Michael’s parents would disappear when he was 8 years old, living with his aunt Debra for nearly one year before mysteriously being taken in by his Aunt Theresa, and Uncle Scott. Keeping his abilities a secret from them for a while they would eventually learn the truth and despite being unsupportive of his vigilante role they were proud of the things he did. Feeling like an Outsider and being almost a lone wolf he gained the well suited name The Outsider.

Michael at times struggles between the life as ‘The Blue Hooded Crusader’ and his social life. As the Outsider grew more experienced and in power he began to face newer, more dangerous threats. One of those threats being a former friend and ally Samuel McKnight later known as Exodus. As Michael began his role as a vigilante in the city he began to attract all different types of attention people began to grow curious what could be done with his blood eager to recreate the same outcome leading to Michael’s meta-human abilities. Secret government groups as well as others with money and resources out for power wanted to learn all they could. In doing so the outcomes were almost always the same ending in the death of the host. When the projects went nowhere and with casualties tallying up they scrapped the project.

After doing so an individual dusted off the scrapped project with intentions of doing something differently: Giving abilities to someone and making a project similar without the blood of Para GX. These top secret projects would eventually kill various people with one person somehow surviving the test subject managed to escape: Samuel McKnight: The first Exodus would land himself in Michael’s cross-heirs. After the battle would take a deadly turn making him take the life of an old friend, shaping Michael into a the Blue hooded Vigilante.

The Key
The Key

The Key Michael was sent with after being experimented on was a device that was intended to cripple defenses and then cause tremors aside from this the key had other purposes. The key was hidden away by Michael with no intention of serving Armagedon’s Agenda. Samuel McKnight would use it and destroy a section of the city before being stopped. That section would manifest criminal activity after due to political figures and others not having the money or resources to rebuild or help with relief efforts. With crime and corruption playing a big part in the decisions this section of the city would remain left alone and would be abandoned. Later renamed ‘Crimes Peak’ things grew worse and far more dangerous in crimes peak as well as the rest of the city. Crimes Peak would remain a reminder of the Outsider’s first great failure his inability to stop the destruction and deaths of countless as well as the development of Crimes Peak.

Approaching the one year anniversary of this devastating attack Christina on her way to her car will be taken and kidnapped. Weeks pass and The Outsider and Sajjid have not managed to find anything until an anonymous source hacks their Com-Link feed and calls out the Outsider. The Outsider goes into the alley to find Christina’s Jacket. Having his first initial encounter with Exodus. Facing someone that fights and acts almost like the original Exodus. While his team is left in the dark. He attempts to learn more about Exodus not letting them in on his past and the events that lead up to Crimes Peak. While tension brews between the team they have to take on a ghost from Michael’s past a character that is dawning a hood of his own and is somehow challenging the Outsider in ways never before. This story will change The Outsider from the vigilante to being the BLUE HOODED CRUSADER.

His friends would eventually either learn his secret or he would tell them. Sarah would play a big role in his journey as a hero becoming a major love interest. Her and Michael had been friends for years every since he saved her in her car their junior year of High school when her car went off the road when she was on her way to move into Staten Island with her cousin Christina DiBella. Sarah has often found herself picking on Michael sharing that love/hate relationship that later grows. Sarah has no special abilities but is beautiful intelligent, stubborn at times and a girl that loves excitement and mystery. Sarah is at times straight forward very passionate and has a faith that never waivers and stands up for what she believes in. Sarah has dark hair with a warm skin tone. Sarah is very spunky moving from the city. Sarah and Michael in the beginning have a very playful and sarcastic relationship. Sarah is forthright a young woman still in search of her path in life. She is has a tough side used often to block her feelings and emotions. At first Sarah knew Michael just as the boy next door that acted strangely when she was around and that he was very mysterious, but as she had gotten to know him, she became closer and she became emotionally fond and attached to him and Vice versa. She is bold very outspoken, strong, resilient, and Persistent. She is very clever smart and always quick with a joke or comeback. Loyal and brave supporting her cause to the end. She can be observant at times. Alicia would learn Michael’s secret as a result of him trying to stop the Para GX state that was taking over and causing him to have memory lapses and black outs. While Michael was dealing with his blackouts due to the Para GX state, Michael fears he may lose himself to the Para GX state that seems to be causing black outs. Michael manages to find a dagger believed in mythology that it can split two versions of a person. Michael however is informed that the Black Kpg will kill him potentially Frank is given the dagger, told “I need you to use this if I don’t beat this” After Michael would black out and Frank would face off against him and would split Michael from the Para GX state Influence. A weakened Michael that would not be healing as quickly would be found by Alicia. Alicia and Christina would find him and drive him to the lair despite Alicia wanting to take him to the hospital.. After this incident she would see the Blue hooded jacket Michael would wake up not being healed fully. Michael and Christina would fill him in on who he is and their secret double lives.

Michael’s abilities, his drive and his determination make him a hero that pushes through barriers making him exceed the potential he has. Michael has taken a life however he doesn’t do it often and uses a lot of restraint to prevent doing so. The Para GX state makes Michael more powerful virtually unstoppable. Michael is the very rare exception of the Para GX experiment working. in most cases people could not survive the experiment. Michael’s blood prior to the experiment is what helped make the other Para Experiments however it is virtually impossible to duplicate the Para GX experiment with a different host…especially without the blood of Michael Daversa. Despite the few rare cases Michael Daversa’s blood usually can/does kill the host. it is a gamble in the favor of losing the host usually. With the rare instances it works there are always complications as a result. Michael’s blood has been seen with the potential to transfer the abilities experiments have been done to make it possible by various enemies and government groups such as [Division. the E.Y.E. A.r.m.s. etc.]He has been known to only wear Blue Black red white occasionally. Michael has many hideouts most are known by Sajjid and Christina with a few that are unknown to everyone. Michael while in the Para GX state has control when he doesn’t have the veins. Michael early on being less powerful relies heavily on his agility, speed, reflexes with his healing factor. He relied heavily on fighting techniques and Parkour and enhanced strength. Michael lived with his aunt Debra Daversa, then had ran away and began to live with his aunt Theresa Greenfield, and his uncle Scott Greenfield, with little knowledge of what happened the night he had left. Michael is compassionate, noble, serious, and caring towards others. Michael has two brothers Chris Archer is half brother. By day CEO of a company by night a vigilante. Chris’s siblings aren’t known to him his real father is kept secret until he learns the truth. Anthony Daversa AKA Kon-Lar possesses all of Michael’s abilities but puts on the Blue Kpg ring using it constantly making him impulsive, yet calculated, unpredictable, and ultimately dangerous. Anthony takes sibling rivalry to a whole new level. Issues stemming from Anna Marie loving and toying with both of them envious of his power takes some of his own. Willing to kill and do whatever it takes with no inhibitions or humanity holding him back in his decision making. Michael discovered his writing skills due to his friend Alicia the head of the school news paper, after the original head of the school news paper goes homicidal. Michael though is not much of a team player and doesn’t really feel too fond of protocol often working alone. The Outsider gains the nickname the Electric S after Sarah dies and he uses the same S from her necklace to remind him what and who he is fighting for. Leaving a blue S behind wearing a blue and black shirt with S on it. Sarah eventually returns but her life doesn’t return back without complications. There is always a balance a life for a life and someone dies in her place. Michael has the fortress a tree like cave that has a stone table that is used for the key. Fortress can access known alien civilizations and help Michael to learn what he would need to and use alien devices meant for him.

Michael as the Outsider at first used armor padding with the jacket and eventually would rely less on the armor. Sajjid and Michael become roommates in their college days. Sajjid is a close friend and roommate that is the guy of comic relief often relying on his sarcasm and pointing out super hero clichés for humor. Sajjid and Michael while in college and for some time after are roommates in the city. Sajjid has quite the appetite and is usually raiding his best friends fridge. Sajjid is more like a brother to Michael playing not only the role where he takes the situations less seriously but as a guy who can always cheer up the mood. Eventually gaining a mask of his own. Michael at times doesn’t get to hood up wearing just his casual clothes while avoiding being seen. The Outsider is one of the most powerful and known vigilantes.

Early design susceptible to change
Early design susceptible to change

Michael would wake up in a lab, a dark and old lab underground, underneath an abandoned warehouse. Michael being the only one capable of surviving the Para GX experiment. Often he is referred to as Para GX; some would say it is his alien name.


Michael Daversa being experimented on by Armagedon he would gain the name Para GX. Michael being

the most powerful Para Experiment and the key component in making the other Para experiments in the future. The attempt to make a Para Experiment without Michael’s blood while extremely rare and unlikely, is possible. As a result of the experiment Michael has knowledge of how to fight and in stealth. Being Para GX; Michael is powerful but doesn’t start that way.

When Michael was experimented on the Para GX state was part of Michael and the experiment didn’t work as intended. Michael would have the murderous, blood thirsty part of Para GX would still be there dormant within him. Michael would have the black outs happen and become more problematic and more reoccurring until Anna Marie gave him word that a dagger could stop it, or kill him. After using it Michael would be separated and they would manage to stop the Para GX state. Michael would learn he still could use it but the ability would be under his control more so. He would learn how to make it follow what he wanted. Michael has difficulty using it and controlling it his eyes turn red at times when its revealing itself. When Michael has the veins his eyes are red and black and he has the veins. When he is in control he has red eyes or red and black eyes minus the veins.


Venenum/Venum/Venom: A highly toxic poisonous substance that is toxic too any and all life virtually deadliest poison ever. Venenum is poisonous to virtually all life. First weakness Michael ever discovers.

Red Kpg: A weakness given to Michael as a precaution in case he ever ceased to be under the control of Armagedon. KPG is a thick liquid like substance that bonds with raw materials rocks, plants, etc. and makes it a new compound that gives off a specific radiation.

When merely exposed to Red Kpg he feels unbearable pain. Any form of Kpg can be shielded easily. Michael keeps red Kpg in a Wooden box given to him by Theresa his aunt. Kpg can kill Michael ultimately but take a while before passing out from the painful exposure. Red Kpg has complex properties and is alien related origins that can be toxic and deadly. Armagedon had feared that Para GX would break free from his powerful influence and that he may be too powerful and betray him so he gave him a deadly weakness

Blue Kpg: Blue Kpg has the ability to strip away inhibitions. Makes a person do what they want, and say what they want with no conscious, no regard. Similar to red Kpg it bonds with certain materials to become a deadly weakness.

With Blue Kpg The affected people have the ability to turn off humanity completely at times almost as if it is a switch. Blue Kpg often has physical effects the longer you wear it the worse the person can become, but it also can share the effects of Red Kpg almost like the blood capillaries are exploding and repeats the process over and over again causing intense pain. The longer exposed the more of these outbursts take place. Anna Marie; dangerous Ex girl friend of both Daversa brothers uses the Blue Kpg ring to toy with Michael and gives Anthony one upon request for himself to wear after turning his back of Michael and his humanity.


Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150 LBS

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Distinguishing Features: N/A


• Super Strength:

o Michael’s super strength evolves over time he becomes stronger

o Limitless on his potential in the future he becomes as strong as he needs to be

o Michael, as a growing adolescent, was extremely strong. Also, during this time, he would use this ability to stop rogue meta-humans and save people all around Staten Island and the city even prior to becoming the vigilante known as the Outsider. Struggling to rip a car door off its hinges to save Sarah moments before he car exploded. Michael had difficulty early on controlling his strength. At first breaking many things accidentally. Eventually it would become more prominent when he was angry. Michael taught himself control and restraint. Michael, as he grew older, became stronger. Para GX state boosts him to his full potential right away.

• Super Speed

o At first speed is heightened then overtime he grows faster.

o Michael's speed at first was making him able to keep up with a car on the highway as he began to test himself he learned he could run faster. Michael's speed in the Para GX state is unparalleled, boosting him to his full potential right away. Michael's speed allows him to move quick enough to move in front of bullets.

o Michael has been known to move fast as sound at times when in the Para GX state. His speed allows his reflexes and his ability to use accelerated perception at times. This allows him to see things quicker than a normal person.

• Agility

o Agility including his Parkour and free running that he uses more early in the Outsider early days.

o He can perform amazing parkour feats such as flips and rolls and maneuvers over and around vehicles and debris with little trouble. His leg strength allows him to leap nearly ten stories into the air. Michael can run up sheer vertical surfaces and cling to walls for an indefinite period of time, by ejecting small amounts of mass for further propulsion.

• Ability to Defy Gravity

o Leaves him able to leap extreme distances and heights.

o Michael is able to wall run without being able to stick to them

o Air dashing falls under this category.

o Michael in certain iterations can fly.

• Air Dashing

o The ability to trigger super speed while in the air.

o This leads to Michael being able to leap and make a sudden movement that defies gravity while not being on the ground.

• Self healing/Invulnerability

o Early on Michael just was able to heal quicker than a normal person

o Over time his healing factor evolved making him heal quicker.

o Eventually bullets that originally pierced through his skin would begin to leave minor cuts. this would change to bruising from bullets, eventually his skin would become harder to bruise of pierce.

o Healing factor grows to invulnerability.

o At first Michael would heal from bullets and cuts. As he matured it became tougher to cut him. While Bullets started to become less of an issue Michael would get bruised. He becomes immune to flames, cold temperatures, and all earthly diseases and sicknesses, and was able to collide with cars head on and come out completely unfazed. Eventually he becomes resistant from bullets.

o Due to Michael's healing factor it takes more to burn him out. His stamina is at a high level at first the super speed would be a sprint that wouldn't last as long.

• Electricity Manipulation

o Michael has a difficulty learning to control this ability

o His electricity manipulation doesn’t mean he can absorb it or needs to. Michael generated and manipulates electricity from his own power.

• Super Hearing

o Extremely useful to help him gather information

o Uses it also to help him overhear phone conversations.

o At times uses it to find trouble.

o Michael can hear indirect whispers, frequencies, pitches, and other volumes of sound from vast distances. As an adult, Michael can multitask and use super-hearing and can also super-speed and hear conversations while he's moving.

• Fighting Skills


Personal Weaponry:

• Mask

o the mask is armed with x-ray, infrared and ultra-violet vision

o helps to see what enemies are armed with prior to attack

o Helps with tracking or seeing things not visible to the naked eye.


Tapered with natural ability to put those before himself, Michael is one of the few out of many that truly define heroism. He is humble in sense that is genuine and is confident when necessary, and there is no denying the fact Michael has many sides to him. Due to the events in his life Michael turns to the comfort of a mask allowing this to shape his identity; however he is forced to battle between his secretive ways and the person he presents to the world. Michael Daversa and the Vigilante. His social life is very limited to a small group of close friends which also reflects his own insecurities with trust and relationships. Even with his supporting friends Michael is seen as a loner constantly on his own personal crusades. His inner connections with the “Outsider” develops from a state of Michael’s own desires to help and protect, however unknowingly fulfilling his destiny. Michael can also be stubborn at times, and doesn't like to admit when he's wrong. Though he will admit when he makes mistakes and learns from them as well, only doing it when he is faced with cold hard facts. Michael has great difficulties trusting people. With his trust often stemming from past issues, and incidents that caused him to have a mistrust. Michael often has a tendency to blame himself for things at times things that aren’t necessarily his fault. He at times feels the burden of his secret however does not allow that to make him deviate from his path as a vigilante. Michael’s actions as a vigilante are very much outside the law. As the Outsider; Michael uses fear and intimidation at times to get results. Michael has a strong objection to killing and despite it not being something he does often he has killed. Feeling that people don’t necessarily share the same level of restraint he stands against killing his enemies. Michael is known to have a compassionate heart, and an independent spirit. Following his own code of conduct and morality Michael is not much of a team player. Michael is the lone-wolf not one to follow protocol. Michael has a slightly strategic ways at approaching his situations despite at times seeming as if he is making an impulsive decision. Michael is rarely wrong in the things he says and his approaches to situations. He has never been reluctant to run into danger and stands on the frontlines. He has good leadership qualities however prefers to “work alone”. He doesn’t have a good handle on his temper at times, but can be patient and understanding. His seriousness at times makes him seem uptight. As The Outsider; Michael can be very direct or use stealth. As Michael he usually is direct but not brutally honest. Both Michael and The Outsider are very mysterious. Michael can hold a grudge and holds on to guilt for a long time; Crimes Peak. Crimes Peak: A section in the city. Large vast urban area with smaller buildings filled with litter dirt. Criminal Activity is Prominent there. The Storyline will take place in what is the destroyed part of the city referred to as Crime’s Peak. Crimes Peak will be a urban looking area where the city is filled with crime, litter and overall a dirty appearance. Crimes Peak has had criminal activity on the rise. Blaming himself and taking it as one of his biggest and first failures he tries to make things right not only there but in the entire city.

Outsider Armor Concept
Outsider Armor Concept

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