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I comprised a list of the best zombie killing badasses in Video Games. These characters are from games that are strictly zombie games so Master Chief and the Flood are out.

5.Frank West

To start this list I chose a zombie killer and photographic journalist who jumped into the action for his big scoop. Frank and his trusty safehouse team prevented a global zombie apocalypse until the disease became too much for the government to handle. They defeated terrorists, but overall there were two survivors with one becoming infected, but his infection led to the pharmaceutical drug, Zombrex and Frank's rise to fame.

4. Sebastian Castellanos

Some may not consider The Evil Within a zombie game, but "The Haunted" can pass for. For this game you take control of Detective Sebastian Castellanos after his disappears and his daughter died. He goes to Beacon Mental Hospital to investigate a mass murder to be ambushed and wake up in a horrific world full of hideous creations that you must fight with the common enemy taking on a zombie like appearance and a simple mind. The game contains a satisfying combat system while watch your enemies' brains splatter all over the place.

3. Isaac Clarke

This guy has dealt with alien zombies and a religious cult centered around these objects called markers. He was even taken by the cult just to build markers which produce a side effect of these zombified workers all on one ship. Just remember in space no one can hear you scream.

2. Clementine

From The Walking Dead series by Telltale games comes this young girl put in the middle of a zombie outbreak. With her parents out of town when this happens she takes shelter in her tree house to find Lee Everett. These two deal with the apocalypse together until Lee is bitten and Clementine chooses to kill Lee or to leave him. She then uses her survival skills and deal with the apocalypse head on. That's one tough girl!

1. Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine

For Resident Evil there were plenty to choose from, but I chose these two who are playable in the first game. They both have become a staple for the franchise since then. These two have been a great duo for the longest time and are probably one the best people to fight with during the apocalypse.


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