ByJessie Howells, writer at
21. Film Studies Graduate from the University of South Wales.
Jessie Howells

People are always putting DC and Marvel in a ring and debating what makes them better, more intelligent or just different from the other. With the new trailer for Ant-Man we see the difference and it is crystal clear. Marvel, unlike DC, laughs at itself, understand what draws a large number of comic book film audiences and has found a way to bring even the smallest characters to a big audience.

Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be Ant-Mans closest kin, with Chris Pratt and Paul Rudd filling very similar shoes, in films with a similar feeling. A feeling of disinterest in its own genre and a feeling of self-reflexive mockery, both of which make clever and funny films. Here is the new trailer for this latest installment in Marvel's blockbuster series,iInkeeping with the tradition of releasing the entire movie slowly over the year before actual release. Enjoy!


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