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It's been a LONG time since we last had an official photo release from the upcoming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" movie. But now, we FINALLY have some new fresh looks at the movie! Let's take a look at the images and I'll share some thoughts and theories regarding them.

Of course we have to start with our first full look at DC Trinity! This also marks our second look at Wonder Woman AND probably the clearest look at Ben Affleck in the batsuit! Now the DC Trinity is immensely important as they are the pillars that carry the DC Comics universe. They are amazing characters who are not only widely known, but also have the most amazing dynamic when working together. AND NOW WE'LL SEE THEM TOGETHER ON SCREEN! Wonder Woman looks more amazing here than in our first look at her from last year's comic con. The colors on her suit don't feel too distracting but still pay respects to its comic book roots with the lasso of truth looking good hanging from her hip. It's also said Wonder Woman will have a significant role in this movie, so I guess we can expect more than just a few small scenes. Superman returns with a some alterations to his suit, most notably the colors being brighter and the house of El symbol being slightly smaller with more texture to it. And then there's the Dark Knight himself, with finally, a black and grey suit that pays huge reference to the comic books which hasn't ever been done on the big screen! My one hope is that by the end of this movie, they start to form the same bond they have in the comics that has always been strong despite their often different perspectives on matters. Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses and toast to the amazing first look, at our DC Expanded Universe's TRINITY!

It's about to go down.
It's about to go down.


For this image, we get a brand new peek into the BIG FIGHT with Batman and Superman. For those wondering why they're even fighting in the first place, keep in mind that this is only the second film in (as they are now referring to) the DC Expanded Universe, Superman just became public in Man of Steel (the first film in this universe) and there had been many deaths and casualties left in the wake of the world engine uses by Zod and his soldiers. And then there was the big fight that left a lot of damage to Metropolis between Superman and Zod. And now with this movie being the world's perspective on Superman, that includes Batman's perspective as well which is also mentioned in the EW article "Worried that Superman’s unequaled power makes him more of a potential fascistic overlord than the hero we need, he makes it his duty to take him out of the sky for good." With Batman being who he is, you can bet he won't take lightly to anyone he doesn't trust.

Now back to the picture, we also have a closer look at the bat-armor that he uses to fight Superman. Now if you've read Frank Miller's "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns," you may have already known that they are adapting the same suit Batman wore in the climactic fight between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel for this movie. And frankly, I think they made a great choice for Batman to use this to take on Superman! Not only does this suit look amazing from what we've seen so far, but it really adds to a "knight in shinning armor" look, and has a good screen presence to it. Now sure regardless of how strong it is, Superman would win right? Well with the EW article mentioning that Batman not only comes to the fight armed with this suit, but also KRYPTONITE - you can bet this will be a fight to remember. Especially when the article mentions "There’s an undeniable thrill to watching these pop culture icons go at it–throwing each other through walls and skylights."

Global Outlook

Previously, I mentioned how this movie is more about how the world viewed Superman, which was heavily teased in "Man of Steel" but not played out in full. Now it looks we will finally see what Johnathan Kent warned Clark in "Man of Steel" come to fruition as the world knows of his presence and how Superman will see their many reactions towards him. With this picture, we've actually seen this scene in the first trailer and from what I can make out from the face paint, this could be the Day of the Dead most likely in a place outside of the United States, away from Metropolis. Superman will most likely try to shoulder the burdens of people's troubles around the world. He could be here trying to help them with a crisis which they express through the day of the dead, or this could even be the people reminding him of the huge loss of life in the Metropolis incident. Either way, this is going to be something we've never seen before and something that Man of Steel was aiming for, realism where in we ask ourselves "What if Superman really did exist in our world?"

Diana and Bruce wearing different kinds of "suits."
Diana and Bruce wearing different kinds of "suits."


Here we have Diana Prince (Wonder Woman's secret identity) and Bruce Wayne at a public event. Ben Affleck's comment on the above photo is as follows: “I love the fact that there was this Thomas Crowne Affair, Bond-y sexy scene that they wrote about two people who are pretending to be two different people who each know the secrets of the other person.” Now although he is comparing this to another movie, I don't want to make that a solid confirmation that they both know each others' identity. But given how Bruce Wayne is a person who does as much background check into a person as he can, it's safe to say that Bruce knows Diana has a secret. As for Diana knowing the same about Bruce could be highly likely. Either way, looks like this movie will deliver on seeing these characters interact both in and out of their superhero suits.

That Wig Isn't Fooling Anyone

Here's our second look at Lex Luthor and I'm really thinking that Jesse Eisenberg will surprise all of us with his interpretation. Based on his appearance, it looks like he'll be at a younger age, showing youthful drive and potential. It'll be interesting to see how a younger Lex Luthor, with his wealth and intellect, handles the Man of Tomorrow. Especially in how he'll try to turn the public against Superman. And come on, his delivery in the trailer of "....we know better now don't we? Devils don't come from hell beneath us. No they come from the sky" was ace.

"You have been called out sir."
"You have been called out sir."

Spotlight's on You

For those lucky enough to attend Comic Con last year, a small preview trailer was shown where Batman removes the tarp off the bat-signal and switches it on. The camera pans up and shows the bat-signal, and in a flash of lightning, reveals Superman in the middle of the signal in the sky. For those of us unlucky enough to see it, we now have a clear and official look at that shot from the preview and it looks great! The bat-signal looks amazing with the bat symbol looking pretty good and Batman standing beside it in his bat-armor calling out Superman. This is an incredible way to set up the fight between the two titans!

Lights, camera, ACTION

And here is Ben Affleck with the director Zack Snyder. Many on-set pics for this shoot have been shown online. It's hard to say, but based on the destruction, one theory about this scene is that Bruce Wayne may have been in Metropolis at the time of the world engine and the fight between Superman and Zod and this scene could be a flashback to Bruce's side of those events. Or this scene could even tie in with the plot of the movie, maybe a threat that both Batman and Superman have to face becomes public and Bruce is in the middle of the mayhem. Either way, don't expect the action to be lacking in this film even when the characters aren't in their suits.

So there you have it! Our new and official photos from "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Hopefully, we can expect even more photos, maybe even posters, as we near the release of the movie as this movie has been kept heavily secretive in regards to the plot and advertisements are going really slow. One thing we can be thankful for is that we have been given these great photos and Comic Con is coming up really soon, so maybe we can expect even more! Either way, there's no doubt that this will still be the biggest movie of 2016 and in cinema history as we finally see the DC Expanded Universe come to life!


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