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So I just saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter for the first time. It was on tv and I said "what the hell I might as well. Maybe it will be so bad it's funny" but I was pleasantly surprised.

Yes the movie was ridiculous and it did take me out a bit to see Abe Lincoln fighting vampires along side with falcoln and Howard stark but by the end of the movie I was actually getting emotional. It wraps the story with a nice little bow at the end.


Awesome Action

Interesting story

The ending starting with "Abe we''re going to be late for the theater" and with the modern day story starting how abes did showing that the war hasn't ended

Abes axe gun

** Bonus Points: this scene


The story dragged on a bit

The acting wasn't always the best

**score: 8/10

A decent movie definitely worth the watch but probably nothing I'll remember in a few years


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