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They Were a Couple in High School (almost)

It just occurred to me that, in the comics story line, Jessica Campbell (Jones-Cage) was a wallflower at Peter Parker’s high school, Midtown High. She had a crush on Petey.

She was even at the science expo when Parker was bitten by that radioactive spider that gave him his powers. Yeah… just as she had screwed together the courage to sidle over and open up to him…

“Hi!”, she’d say.

But, he had just been bitten by something (a spider) and didn’t really pay her any nevermind – she was just some girl in school, after all.

And, he had this bite! On his hand!

Too young... no cradle robbing here...
Too young... no cradle robbing here...

And, this girl was, maybe, not the best looking. Well, not bad, but she didn’t have that… presence… the popular girls have – that vibe that makes even the middling girls noticeable. He barely acknowledged her.

Then, she goes on to have her parents' car hit by a radioactive military truck (they die); languishes in a coma in a hospital for years until Galactus comes to earth and his "aura" revives her - that would be over at Fox, though - seems they own the Big "G", these days; realizes she has these fantastic powers; joins the Avengers; gets kidnapped by Kilgrave, the Purple Man; escapes; rehabs; starts her own business; meets a different guy; falls in love; has a baby...

But, That Was a Different Timeline

Peter Parker has just been recast in a joint effort by Marvel and Sony. Tom Holland will succeed Andrew Garfield who succeeded Tobey Maguire who succeeded Ted Schwartz from the old television series. And, unlike his predecessors, Tom’s Peter will only be about 15 years old – more in line with the original comic book presentation when Marvel first introduced the Spectacularly Amazing wall crawling, angst-ridden, acne-ladened, web-headed teenager to the towers of Manhattan.

Introducing, Tom Holland:  PETER PARKER!!!
Introducing, Tom Holland: PETER PARKER!!!

He is expected to guest appear in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” before roaring out of the gate in his fabulously new solo adventure (featuring Tony Stark and, possibly, Nick Fury and, maybe, Natasha Romanova with interest from Clint Barton all reporting back to Cap hisownself?). His “solo” adventure is scheduled for July 28, 2017. And, as I said, he’ll be 15.

Jessica Jones, portrayed by winsome wonder Krysten Ritter, is scheduled to burst into the roster of Netflix offerings in December of 2015. And, she’s in her mid-to-late 20s. And, I doubt they’ll be filming any scenes at Midtown High School unless she’s just there to investigate some dastardly circumstance.

There Will Not Be a Crush on Peter Parker

So, their stories will not follow the comics canon on screen. They will probably not know each other. If they do, it would probably be through Peter’s dad, maybe, who helped her in some way since she was an ex-student at his old high school. Or, it could be she is investigating some goings on at the school and they point out this wimpy kid who happened to be nearby when her boyfriend, Luke (Mike Colter), got tossed through a wall at the school, or something.

Now, there's a MAN a woman can love...
Now, there's a MAN a woman can love...

By the time Peter’s movie debuts in 2017, Jessica should be about 30-ish and Peter will be 15 … ish.

AKA Jessica Jones

By the time Peter guests in CA:CW, Jessica will already have suffered the loss of her parents, the gaining of her powers, the cruelty that was heaped upon her by “the Purple Man” (played by David Tennant) and recovered enough to start her own investigation agency having abandoned her previous “superhero” persona, Jewel.

She has matured... he's still a kid.
She has matured... he's still a kid.

A lot will have happened to and around her.

Peter will be just getting started on his journey through the MCU.

I am intrigued. There has been no information leaked about the “Jessica Jones” Netflix series. We can make some assumptions (was a super-heroine, suffered devastating humiliation at the hands of Kilgrave, escaped – her escape was facilitated by Ms. Marvel in the comics – rehabilitated, started her own business and found comfort and friendship with Luke Cage – a man who has his own history which will be exposed in the upcoming “Luke Cage: Power Man” Netflix series).

We know that Kilgrave will “reappear” in her series, but we don’t know what will be his goals or how Jessica will fit within them. We can assume that she will have a sympathetic shoulder for those who are “on the streets” with no one to look after them or are suffering at the hands of the criminal element there in Hell’s Kitchen.

Will she bump into the blind lawyer who works down the street? Will she meet his Foggy partner? Or, pull some bad guys off Karen Page, the girl who works with them? Rumor has it that Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple will make appearances at the hospital in the area in some of the other Netflix series. Will she appear in Jessica’s show? She isn’t listed on iMdB, but that doesn’t really mean anything until the show is released.


I wonder if she’ll exchange pleasantries with Santino (Moisés Acevedo) who lives in Claire’s building and, who inadvertently, gave her away to the Ranskahov brothers (Nikolai Nilolaeff & David Vadim).

If she needs advice, Father Lantom (Peter McRobbie), down at the church, is known for his … discretion.

It’s all connected.

But, it appears the “connections” that existed in the comic books are being reworked to fit in the new universe.

Think Daisy Johnson could "rumble" into town? Powered people are on her shopping list.


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