ByHollie Laforte, writer at

I will never forget my experience with sleep paralysis. I never knew it was a condition or had a name until a couple days ago! I was in my teens and I was fast asleep in my room. I can't tell you a time but it was late. I was dreaming of a loud steam engine train coming after me and then all of a sudden I felt hands around my neck and with a hard squeeze I couldn't breathe and then I tried to move and I couldn't it was like I was being held against my will. And then I tried to open my eyes and I couldn't someone was holding my eyelids shut! By now I'm panicking and then this thing, this being tried speaking to me but I couldn't make it out. All I heard was white noise static right next to my ear and then it let go... When I came to a saw a human figure with eyes glowing red as he vanished into the darkness. what's even more freaky is that my brother my sister experienced something similar. It whispered in my sister's ear her name and my brother was drowning in his sleep. To this day I still feel this negative presence waiting, biding it's time to strike again and I'm sure it will. Praying to god does help when I feel it's close, when I see those eyes staring in the dark.


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