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Jordan Weiss

Ben Affleck is Batman,Jeremy Irons is Alfred,Jared Leto is The Joker and Margot Robbie is Harley Quinn. The new Batman cinematic universe is being put together piece by piece. Been lots of rumors and news leaked and depending on where they could go with the no doubt obviously planned solo Batman film,more characters from the Batman world will be introduced. And I assume you read the title of this you know where this is going. Aside from possibly Robin or Nightwing, (if you choose not to believe the possibility that Dick Grayson being dead in the already established universe) probably no other character casting will be more intriguing to see then Commissioned Gordon. Again if you chose to believe that maybe Jim Gordon is in fact dead in the new Batman world,there's a chance that at best all we get of this character is a mention or two. But on the other hand,if you believe that Gordon will in fact be alive and well,who will they cast to play him? Well if you enjoy fancasting or reading others takes,then you've no doubt came across about 95 % of them have a great actor as Jim Gordon. Bryan Cranston . The point of this article is to ask the question. With his mass popularity in the role. Is Bryan Cranston the perfect Commissioner Gordon to Ben Affleck's Batman? Most know that he voiced Gordon in the animated movie Batman Year One. But so many want to see him (myself included) play him live action. I'd like to think he'd sign a deal with dc to a possible multi-picture deal. To appear in maybe more than Batman film and maybe The Justice League. Does Bryan Cranston likely chance to land the part?


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