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Adrian Brody as The Joker-

Reasoning: This guy is so incredibly talented, do yourself a favor and watch The Pianist, he is insanely good in it. Plus, the method acting he did for that role was just as impressive as his portrayal.

Kristen Bell as Harley Quinn-

Reasoning: First of all she looks so much like the character, plus you have to be at least a bit insane to marry Dax Sheppard.

Steven Ogg as Deadshot-

Reasoning: He was a perfect gruff kind of voice I always imagine Deadshot having, plus he's rumored to be playing Bullseye, therefore Marvel felt as though he was quite an "accurate" choice. Pun intended.

Danny Masterson as Captain Boomerang-

Reasoning: He definitely has the looks, now all he needs is to perfect an Australian accent and learn to throw a boomerang. Then, BOOM! You have your brand new Captain Boomerang.

Katherine Heigl as The Enchantress-

She's gorgeous, energetic, and ready to take on a big comic book role. I believe this would be a great step in the right direction.

Rick Cosnett as Rick Flag-

Cosnett was been terrific on The Flash and has all the right traits and moxie to play a character of Rick Flag's character.

CCH Pounder as Amanda Waller-

Reasoning: She was amazing on Sons of Anarchy and can pull off Waller like a dream. In fact, when it was announced that Waller would make her cinematic debut Pounder's name was tossed around like crazy in fan casts everywhere. She's the Waller we deserve, but i'm sure Viola Davis will kill it as the leader of ARGUS.

Terry Crews as Killer Croc-

Reasoning: I will give you a one word movie title that explains this choice better than anything I could possibly say, Gamer. Crews' performance in Gamer blew my mind. I never thought he could play such a brute, it was very impressive.

Zhang Ziyi as Katana-

Reasoning: She has more than proved she has what it takes to take on this role in the films, Crouching Tiger, House of Flying Tigers, and Hero. She could destroy this role.

Patrick Warburton as Slipknot-

Reasoning: This casting is risky but I believe he should receive more chances in the live action side of acting, plus he's a pretty big dude. I believe if given the opportunity he would knock it out of the park as Christopher Weiss/Slipknot.

Theo Rossi as El Diablo-

Reasoning: He has proved his worth as an actor on many occasions, ranging from Sons of Anarchy to Kill Theory, he's one talented dude, I believe he can bring a ton of things to this role.

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