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My first big blockbuster of the summer, and I am thinking you can't go wrong with dinosaurs right. The first Jurassic Park was one of my favorite movies when it came out. The concept of bringing dinosaurs alive was something that I thought was the coolest thing ever.

Let me clarify some thoughts I had before going to see the movie. They genetically designed a dinosaur and that isn't going to be a problem. They actually created a park that in all essence was doomed from the start. Somehow this movie goer was ready for the disaster to start from the very beginning.

My likes:

There were very few of these, nothing seemed to wow me totally, I liked Chris Pratt, he had that unlikely hero vibe. I mean you know he is going to step up if he has to, but at first its just seems unlikely. The know this seems to be a common theme in Jurassic movies, there is always a kid or kids. Does that make it more thrilling to see if the kids are going to survive or not; maybe. These two were very resourceful I must say, almost to the point of unbelievable. Yes I know you are a genius, but really you know how to fix a jeep, or was macgyver hiding in that garage with you.

My In-betweens

This is some of things I am on the fence about, the park is cool, but some of those rides/shows were sort of corny. The t-rex seemed to go from terrifying to boring in this movie. Was it because he was one of the first things to open in the park and people wanted those bigger and more dangerous dinosaurs. I liked how the T-rex gets his moment at the end of the movie, as he very well deserved I think.

The Raptors were cool, but the concept of using them in combat many times has that be tried before in movies. (Well not raptors per say, but other things).

The return of Doctor Wu, my first thought, didn't he die. Was he off the island before the dinosaur attacks, did we ever see that. Yet why make him the Frankenstein of dinosaurs, and what possibly could he do in the future.

My dislikes

I didn't really like the character of Claire, she was annoying. She may have stepped up in the end, the freeing of the T-rex, probably one of the best moments of the movies. But she left her nephews to her assistant, complained to much, and lets now forget, didn't evacuate the park when things first started to go wrong. Yet why would that happen, such a silly idea.

( This is really my first creator post on Movie pilot, it isn't the best writing, but thanks for taking the time to read if you do.)


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