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Chrisscreama and Cutey Kitty joined forces to tell this adorable picture story about Harley and Ivy busting out of the big house!

“You think we are going back to Arkham? It wont be that easy..!” - Ivy
Wahoo, we are free Red! - Harley
“Red noooo, I dont think thats such a good idea” -Harley
” Is the spotlight on us Red? What do we do now?” - Harley
"Give them a show!" - Ivy
“Remember Harley, no man can resist me!” -Ivy
“Jee, I sure miss Mista J” - Harley
“Oh Harl, you can do so much better than that clown!” -Ivy
“‘I’m not afraid of the big bad bat!” -Ivy
“Put em up Bats! ” -Harley


“Not again…” - Ivy
“Ivy, at least you have me to keep you company!” -Harley

To be continued…

Producer, Costume Designer and Post Production: Chrisscreama

Producer, Photography, Costume Creator and Hair Stylist: John Burrage

Props and PA: Cutey Kitty

Poison Ivy Cosplayed by: Chrisscreama

Harley Quinn Cosplayed by: Cutey Kitty


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