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For thousands of years the art of Tattoos have colored this world. With many different ways to receive them.

Over the past two decades or so how Tattoos are viewed in not only the United States but the world, is changing. Movies, TV and just society in general have changed a lot, which in turned have changed the way tattoos are viewed. No longer are people with tattoos instantly looked at like they just got out of jail or do drugs. Now at least 20% of the world has at least one tattoo, and in the younger age groups that number doubles.

So what do tattoos mean? Each one is different for everyone (for their meaning) and everyone has different tattoos. Some only get color, some only black. Some may just like American traditional style (one of my own favorites), or some just like Japanese style tattoos. With so many different options sometimes its hard to even just figure out what you're going to get, I know it took me five years to get my last tattoo just the way I wanted it.

I love tattoos, and pretty much anyone who has one I instantly like them unless i don't once i get to know them. Which is always awkward. But who cares. Anyway, to me there is more to tattoos than people realize. Yes they have meaning (unless you got them while drunk or being stupid), but they also tell so much about the person who has them.

Trusting, People

Whether you've gotten a tattoo or not you obviously (if you don't you need to crawl out of the rock you live under) know that tattoos are permanent for your entire life unless you get them lasered off which hurts way more and still may not work. When you talk to your artist about your tattoo, whether you talk for a few minutes just before you get it, or talk a month before for half and hour. The person getting that tattoo has to trust that person with their skin, that they will wear for the rest of their life. And trust that they will not misspell the words or make their tattoo look like a 5 year old drew it.

So if you ever see someone with a tattoo, know that they have enough trust to let a complete stranger ink their skin for the rest of their lives and that they probably have a large amount of trust in people.


For me, every tattoo I have on my body has to have a meaning. Usually more than one as well. For instance, I'll be getting the Star Wars rebel alliance symbol tattooed on my right tricep within the year. Not only does that represent my love for Star Wars, but it also means to stand up for what you believe in no matter if their is a Galactic Empire or mean bully standing over you.

Enough about me though. If you have a tattoo you're probably agreeing with me. That most tattoos have some sort of meaning. Though most tattoos may not look meaningful if they are a skull or a pinup doll, they may actually not mean anything. When that person got the tattoo is the meaning. I've heard around that most people use a specific time in their life to get a tattoo. That way 30 years down the line, they can look at that particular tattoo and think of the past good or bad.


Tattoos are permanently etched into your skin. So when you gain weight or lose weight your tattoos will change just as your body does. People who have tattoos (should) know this. So when you are getting your tattoo and deciding where to get it. Try and pick a place that you think you wont grow much as you get older. Women, you probably shouldn't put tattoos any wear around your stomach if you ever plan on getting pregnant. Of course as you get older, as everyone does, you'll get more wrinkles and gain weight (probably). Happens to everyone, which is why I am not worried because I would rather be Tattooed and wrinkly, than just wrinkly.

As the only person in my family that has a tattoo, it was hard for me to make sure my parents knew that I knew what I was getting into. Especially since my family is extremely Catholic. For me when asked "Why would you destroy your body", or "Your body is a temple, cherish it." I usually responded with "Have you looked at any temples from Earth's history? Incas, Mayans, Egyptians etc. all of their temples have hieroglyphs or some sort of art on them depicting their history and their culture. Well my tattoos are my hieroglyphs or art depicting my past." Having tattoos has made me aware of my body and how in good of shape I need to be so my tattoos don't start sagging before they should. It's just another good boost to your motivation to get to the gym.


Depends mostly on the person
Depends mostly on the person

Holy pain Batman! Tattoos hurt. No way to get around it. If you don't like needles or needles jabbing over and over again then being dragged across your skin. Tattoos aren't for you. Before (or after) you even get an idea for a tattoo you have to have the audacity to even go through the pain. During my last tattoo which was placed on my inner bicep, it lasted for three hours, and the pain was a bitch. I talked to my artist, I squeezed my hand, and I even listened to music. I tried anything to help with the pain. And now, three months later I look back and say "That actually wasn't that bad, I got through" and want more. To have the courage to go through pain that you know is going to happen, and then come out on top of it, is an accomplishment.

People get addicted to tattoos, I think I have and I know that others have for sure. It becomes therapeutic honestly after a couple tattoos. I recently just lost my best friend to suicide and I would like nothing more to go get a tattoo right now. To commemorate our decade long friendship, by having something I can look back on 30 years from now and think about him, and just what my life was like at 21 years old and when I lost him.

I love tattoos. I think that they should be thought of as self expression. There are good and bad things about tattoos as there are with everything in life, but I choose to look at the good. This is just my opinion about why they are great and should be viewed as a good thing. Let me know what you think down below!


Do you like tattoos? Do you agree with me?


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