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So, I have returned from my long drought of not writing on this site. My creativity meter is been on empty lately, but I heard about a new contest. I had to select one "unstoppable force" to go up against 4 others. I have some worthy opponents, for the one and only


Now, when you think of powerful beings, who comes to mind. Probably Superman or Dr Manhattan, or Thanos. I think of Zeus. He is so powerful to fight. But I have found these four characters worthy to fight Zeus!

1. Thor

That hair !

The asgardian who could wipe Zeus to the floor. So Zeus can control the weather and lighting. How can you fight someone who uses your power as his weapon!? Every time Zeus would try to attack. Thor would absorb it or use it against him. Plus Thor had his hammer too. Enough said

2. Superman

Man of steel tights

Now, when most people pick people who can beat Superman, where do they usually turn to? "This character has or could use kryptonite". Zeus had none of it. So why am I even trying to tell you why he would win. Superman is invincible. No green rock, no problem at all for Clark.

3. Ares

Fifty shades of evil right there

Now I know there is already a Greek god with Zeus named Ares. He is the God of war and violence. I get it. This one though is way stronger. He conjure up any weapon he wants, he can raise the dead to make an army, and he had killed so many God's and Goddesses before. He would could beat Zeus in his sleep.

4. Darkseid


Darkseid is arguably the most evil villian in all of comics history. He is a God himself and is a warrior at heart. Zeus would pee his pants after Darkseid burns every inch of Mt Olympus with his inescapable omega beams. He is able to go head to head with Thanos too! He is too good .

There it is, my list of four characters who could take down the mighty Zeus. Hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully I can start writing more often. Peace!


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