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Brad Harris

The first thing I thought of when I thought of 4 people who could take down 1 powerful force, I thought of Freddy Krueger. A character that seems to always bounce back after every film he's ever been in. So then, who could really take such a character down?

It's the ultimate never ending nightmare. No matter what you do, Freddy always has a way of coming back.

So here's my 4 people that I believe could take Freddy down.

#1 - Pinhead

He's the ultimate badass and he can reach you anywhere but his limitation is obviously the puzzle box. Pinhead can't be killed but he can be contained and trapped. It's really the only way to fight him. Freddy would obviously know this because he is smart. Freddy could battle back and trap Pinhead and his Cinobites within the box, but could he do it before he got wrapped up in Pinhead's hooks and chains?

#2 - Jareth the Goblin King

Most people don't really know about the Movie "Labyrinth" nor do they really know about David Bowie (Obviously because he is a singer and not really an actor) but his character Jereth was a pretty bad little villian. I mean, he kidnapped babies and brought them to his castle to turn them into his goblin minions. Sure, Jereth couldn't go one of one with Freddy, but he has enough of minions to stand between him and freddy to the point where he would never really need to go one on one with the duke of nightmares. Just like Freddy, Jereth also has the ability to get inside one's head and cause them nightmares and illusions but Jereth does it with one's environment, completely twisting one's surroundings to the point where you really don't know where you are. That's the gift that Jereth has and possesses that will give him a distinct advantage over Freddy. He could stab you in the back and you'd never see it coming.

#3 - The Terminator

A machine that never sleeps and never stops til you're dead. You want to talk about a real challenge for Freddy, there's no bigger challenge than Freddy taking on an unstoppable killing machine. However, because this machine doesn't sleep, there's the challenge of The Terminator even making it to a fight with Freddy. Someone would need to pull Freddy out into the real world environment in order for the T-101 to even be able to fight him to begin with. But once it does happen, Freddy would be terminated before he could cut his first one-liner.

#4 - The T-X

If you thought fighting the T-101 was bad, you haven't seen anything til you get into a scuffle with the advanced prototype from Terminator 3. While a woman in appearance, she could really ruin your day. Able to take the form of anything she touches and able to transform any part of her body into any weapon known to man. She could turn her right arm into a flame thrower while having her left arm turn into a machine gun. Basically anything Freddy could do in the dream world, she could do in real life. Another machine who doesn't sleep, the only place this fight could happen would be in a real world environment, which leaves Freddy at a huge disadvantage.

You want a true version of 4 characters who could take Freddy down, these 4 are it. But really, these 4 could take on pretty much any character and win. It could be Superman, Batman, The Green Lantern, etc. I doubt you'll find any character in any fictional universe that could take on these 4 characters and win, at least, not when they are all together...

What do you think? Can you think of anyone else who might could be able to handle Freddy easily? Do you think these 4 are not "up to the challenge"?


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