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Plot hole #1

In 2015, when old Biff steals the time machine and goes back in time to 1955 to give his younger self the sports almanac, how did he not come back to the evil alternate timeline's future? Was it because young Biff hadn't bet on his first game? You'd think once Biff got that book, the timeline would skew and old Biff would never get back to the original 2015.

Fun fact #1

I dunno, maybe it's just me, but did anyone know that old Biff's cane looked like this?

hello? butthead? anybody home?
hello? butthead? anybody home?

It's his fist! So now he doesn't have to knock on a butthead's head with his own knuckles and ask "hello? is anyone home?" He can use his even harder cane!

Plot hole #2

There had to have been 2 cars in 1885!

When doc got there, he stashed his car in a cave, and left a letter for Marty to get in 1955. Marty found the car with 1995 Doc, and traveled back to 1885. But now, there's 2 cars back then! Why couldn't Marty use the parts from the car that's still in 1885 to fix his? This can be explained away by that paradox thing pretty easily, I suppose. If they used the intact 1885 car to repair the other, then the other would have never been able to be fixed in 1955. Or would it have? 1955 may have had parts that could be used as spares, right?

That one is about as bad as the whole "Why didn't Ariel just write down what she wanted to say to Eric" thing in The Little Mermaid.

Fun Fact #2

Everyone knows that Eric Stoltz almost played, and did play a little bit, the part of Marty McFly, but did you know Ralph Macchio turned down the role?

Plot hole #3

HOW CAN MARTY'S PARENTS NOT REMEMBER HIM AS THE KID WHO HELPED THEM HOOK UP IN HIGH SCHOOL??? And sang onstage. And Biff? He got manured because of him. Nobody remembers. Darn temporal displacements and paradoxes!

Plot hole #4

Those darn letters! If doc could send Marty a letter from 1885 telling him where he was at, why couldn't he, upon Marty's arrival and the loss of the time machine's gasoline, just send another letter bac

Fun Fact #3 & #4

Huey Lewis, the The Power of Love guy, is guy in the plaid!

megaphone guy!
megaphone guy!

And Stephen Spielberg is not this guy!

it DOES look a little like Han Solo tho...
it DOES look a little like Han Solo tho...

It's either Kevin Pike or Walter Scott, two of the guys who worked on the film. The internet is a very deceptive place! At least, that's what Abraham Lincoln said.

Plot hole #5

Why didn't Marty just instantly vanish when he pushed his dad from in front of that car? When he burned the almanac, the headlines changed immediately, as did the matchbook. But in BTTF #1, the picture of Marty and his siblings faded away slowly. Shouldn't he have ceased to exist when he stopped the event where his dad and mom met?

Fun fact #5

You probably know Billy Zane was Match, one of Biff's henchmen in 1955.

One of Zane's most famous roles was Cal Hockley in the 1997's record breaker Titanic. The Clock Tower Lady, Elsa Raven:

save the clock towah!
save the clock towah!

also had a small role in Titanic too, as this lady:


Fun fact #6

Universal execs wanted to name the movie Spaceman from Pluto.

I'll just end it with that!


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