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Gerard Butler as Batman/Bruce Wayne-

Reasoning: I don't like typecasting actors, because as an actor you normally want to be called things like versatile or adaptable. Not, oh they just do the same thing in every movie. But, Butler is a very tough guy actor, that's juts all there is to it! There have been many Batmans, but there has yet to be one to win over everyone's heart. (Other than Kevin Conroy) You know who could do that as a live-action Batman? This gentleman here. He can also pull off the smooth, suave side of Batman, otherwise known as Bruce Wayne. If Butler were to play Batman I don't think many people would complain.

Eva Green as Catwoman-

Reasoning: She's made her mark as a very compelling actress and she has yet to disappoint me on any of her roles, ranging from Sin City to 300: Rise of an Empire. I'd love to see her step into the sneaky combat boots of Selina Kyle!

Terrence Stamp as Alfred Pennyworth-

Reasoning: He looks like him and Terrence is a terrific actor. Just watch Valkyrie or Yes Man, he's just fun to watch on screen. It will be hard to top Michael Caine's performance, but I honestly believe he could do it.

Robert Knepper as The Joker-

Reasoning: He captures the essence of what The Joker is in Prison Break where he plays a mentally disturbed prisoner named Terrence Bagwell, throw on some make up and a killer (pun intended) laugh then you got yourself one hell of a Joker.

Matthew Fox as Harvey Dent/Two Face-

Reasoning: He was awesome as Jack on Lost and can definitely pull off the noble serious portrayal that can turn insane quickly.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox-

Reasoning: He's Morgan Freeman, what else do you need to know? Keep scrolling...

Robert Redford as Jim Gordon-

Reasoning: Redford has been compelling in almost every role he's played, he is an amazing actor. He would be the only person who could follow up Gary Oldman's almost perfect portrayal of Gordon.

Ralph Fiennes as Scarecrow-

Reasoning: He was utterly fantastic as Lord Voldemort when he got to portray him. So if he used that kind of energy as Scarecrow, his performance could be breathtakingly terrifying.

Daniel Day Lewis as Ra's Al Ghul-

Reasoning: Because what isn't he good in?

Matthew Willig as Bane-

Reasoning: So that Bane can be done correctly. Willig has the figure and mentality as an actor to make the comics version of Bane work.

Odette Yustman as Talia Al Ghul-

Reasoning: She was very good in Operation: Endgame but unfortunately she has never been surrounded by other great actors who can carry the load, she normally has to do it herself. (Other than being in House, obviously assisted by Hugh Laurie.) I believe if put in a movie with such caliber actors as Daniel Day Lewis and Gerard Butler, she would kill it. (Pun intended once again, i'm killing it.) ((Second pun also intended)) *High Fives Self*

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