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So much controversy has been sparked over the little information released to the public about the upcoming season of the hit TV anthology series American Horror Story. To add to the black void of information, we have been stuck with a concept that doesn't seem easy to make, well, scary. With Murder House, we didn't need much to be able to tell that the season would be riddled with horror, allowing us to make easy predictions. Same goes for the other three seasons, all of which offer dark premises for us to build possible storylines for as we anxiously await release.

And now we are stuck here with a season titled Hotel. Good one, Murphy, you sure are putting your fans to the test with that.

Obviously, if done right, a hotel setting can be one of the most terrifying aspects in modern day horror, as we witnessed in films like "The Shining". However, even The Shining would leave AHS fans snoring, as it lacks the disturbing, gory factor that the previous seasons were enriched with. Obviously, it is hard to reach the high standards created by the before seasons of the show, but using such a setting makes it much harder, so how will this work? What does Murphy have planned for us?

Here are some possible storylines for the upcoming season of the horror phenomenon, AHS.

1) Death Trap

Judging by the content found in the previous seasons of AHS, we can safely make the assumption that murder will be a major factor in the upcoming season. But how, exactly, are these murders going to be restricted to within the walls of the hotel? Well, easy. I remember once reading the true, brooding story of a man who built himself an entire hotel-esque building with endless hallways, doors leading to nowhere, etc. of which was used to make his victims deaths just that much more anxiety-inducing. Well, isn't that just the perfect recipe for AHS. Imagine: there's a terrifying killer that has captured dozens upon dozens of victims by falsely convincing them they were innocently checking into a hotel. But as enough people check in, a game ensues, filled with endless hallways, brutal traps, anything bad you could imagine. Think Saw, but the stylized Ryan Murphy version, with mazes and traps sure to drive any victim crazy.

2) Doorway To Hell

Well wouldn't that just be the ultimate season. We have been told that this season will be the darkest, so what is darker than a hotel, that in reality, leads to Hell itself, or even better, is Hell itself. Demons would attack, there would be hauntings, death, you name it. Nobody said this season was specific to the setting, so why couldn't the hotel lead to the endless cycle of torture known as Hell?

3) Haunted Hotel

I admit, that sure is a cliché. But when we put a horror cliché into the hands of the AHS creators, well, it no longer is. However, a haunted hotel may still be a bit light, and cliché, yes, for AHS. There would definitely need to be some more violent and dark undertones for that storyboard to work, but hey, why not?

There you have it, three possible storylines for the 5th Season of American Horror Story. What do you think the darkest season of AHS will bring?


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