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My first experience with sleep paralysis was when i was in 3rd or 4th grade. I remember being alert and knowing it was late, i couldn't move to see the time but, i felt slight tugs on my hair (imagine someone braiding your hair) and at the time my hair was pretty long. I remember feeling scared because i was stuck and while all of this was going on i could here little girls (around my age at the time) giggling and whispering. I started to cry and wanted to pull away from my bed. So i made like a growling kind of noise ( to scare the girls away from me) and then i shot up from my bed and could still hear laughing. The more recent occurance was around my senior year of high school, all i can really remember was laying on my back in bed and i had just finished up with a dream of sorts, the room felt heavy and there was a woman who resembled Marilyn Monroe at the foot of my bed, she was in a white tank top and was angry and it actually scared me, she kept repeating something vigorously and once i focused on what she was saying her face started changing ( from dead, to bloody to demonic) "YOUR GOD CAN'T SAVE YOU" .. when i realized this i tried to yell back and was able to sit up.


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