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Ok so people make mistakes right?, but some mistakes are much worse than others. These mistakes are unforgiving and are mistakes made by directors them selves. These are some of the Biggest movies flaws You missed while watching These Movies.

BatMan: The Dark Knight

So with the Great Christopher Nolan at hand Nothing can possibly go wrong. Am I right or what. Wait what I'm wrong. This is a mistake most movie directors don't make. Nolan here made a mistake with this scene as Batman Pins The Joker on the wall with his hands and Jokers are over his from under Batman's Arms. Skip One frame forward over to the side camera Joker has his hands over Batman's from the top. This is due to the fact That they cut right at this moment to switch Cameras and Nolan forget where they left off. Ohh This is "Elementary My dear Nolan".(If you Don't know who this is then you might want to google it!)

LOTR: Return of The King

So in this Great nerdy movie we have here is LOTR series directed by another Famous director Peter Jackson. In this seen Grima which is seen on horse next to Gandalf is shot with a Arrow as they fallback Once again The same mistake Nolan made was done again. They switched camera angles,but before then they must of had a coffee break because the arrow is 6 inches higher than it was before. I didn't know arrows could move when they wanted too.

The Goonies

So here we have a great childhood movie of mine The Goonies. This film was Directed to the man who created the first modern superhero movie Superman and his name is Richard Donner.Hats off to you Donner,but we are not talking about Superman were talking about The Goonies. In This scene Data explains to a reporter what happened and he states the scariest part was battling a giant octopus. So whats with the octopus. Well in the original cut they actually did have this scene but was taken off before release, but someone forgot to remove a line or two giving us a hint of what happened in that deleted scene. I just Don't now how Richard Donner messed this up.

The Gladiator

How can this Iconic movie starring Russel Crowe go wrong. Ridley Scott is the answer to that one. Yes the creator from the Famous Movie franchise Alien. In the picture Above which is clearly circled a gas canister is on the underside of a carriage as it flips in the iconic Battle of Carthage re-enactment. So the Greeks were known at the time for there amazing technology,but they didn't have gas powered carts and I can prove that. As this chariot flips over they forgot to cover up underneath the cart revealing the amazing contraption from underneath. It doesn't beat the Tardis but still a neat way to get around.


I honestly never thought this movie had any mistakes til I looked at the left. Here you see a white van filmed just for us by Randall Wallace. Fame does not shine brightly for these directors. My guess is Randall had forgotten to move his car or In this battle scene they were going spear there enemies with a white Honda fro 1995. This would have been amazing scene if this was added,but I'm not sure if this fits that time era correctly. Randall I suggest Re-doing this scene with the Honda it would make it much more intense.

Thus showing that some of your Favorite and Iconic movies with the best Directors have made mistakes that are quite Ridiculous and funny. Til the Next Time K-Shot


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