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My name is Wendy, I live in Los Angeles living one day at a time. I like to write about my dreams because they are out of this world!
Wendy Rodriguez

After reading the stories of people who suffer from sleep paralysis just like me, I came across a story that was so familiar to a sleep paralysis nightmare I experienced not to long ago. I have so many sleep paralysis stories but this one being the most recent one I wanted to share it. One night i had a nightmare which took place at the house I grew up in, which was the place where my sleep paralysis nightmares started. Now I live in an apartment with my fiancé but this nightmare took me back to where it all started. In my dream I was in my sisters old room, we were both in bed like when I used to sleep with her when she was scared, as she also suffers from sleep paralysis. We were in bed in my dream, sleeping, and I'm my dream I woke up. I saw a shadow of a woman wearing a dress and she was hovering over our bed. I was so scared that I began to try to wake up my sister. I kept yelling for her to wake up, "wake up sis, wake up!" Shaking her. She wouldn't wake up, so I began shaking her more and more and suddenly she rises from the bed, her upper torso rises in a stiff like motion. When she goes up, her head turns to face me, only it wasn't her face but a demonic like face that looks at me and begins to laugh. I then wake up in my room paralyzed unable to move, I try to yell, I only am able to moan, this voice in my ear tells me "I told you! I told you!" Sounded like a demon. Then my fiancé saves me and wakes me up. He said he woke up to me moaning. And my eyes where open as he tried to wake me... Then I woke up.


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