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Let me first start out by saying that I never meant for it to happen. I never meant to be the only person in the entire world it seems, to have strayed so far from canon. I feel that before I dive into this subject I first must explain to the newbies what canon is.

Canon- The official or default pairing that a certain fandom promotes. (Ex: Stelena used to be canon for Vampire Diaries before people began shipping Delena.)

Another word that I feel I must explain is Ship.

Ship- A term used to describe a pairing that you endorse or feel should belong together.(Ex: I totally ship Harry Potter and Hermione Granger together, they would make such a cute couple!)

Let me begin so you can see first hand the crazy stuff that go on inside my head

#1 Katnick or Finniss (Katniss/Finnick)

While I am fully aware that it will NEVER happen, I still believe that Finnick and Katniss have some untapped chemistry. This craziness all began because I could never bring myself to ship Peeta and Katniss, that being because I feel Katniss and Peeta are just way too different. What I mean when I say that is that Peeta is perhaps the sweetest character in the Hunger Games (minus Rue and Prim), and yet people ship him with Katniss, a survivor who has built up a damn moat to hide her emotions. Thats when I thought who better to swim across a moat than Finnick Odair? The only thing that I hate more than Peeniss (Yes that really is their ship name) is that Collins killed off Finnick. I thought of all the characters he had the most potential. He was the capitol sweathart/ heartbreaker who always seemed to have someone new inhabiting his bed, yet beneath that I saw him as guy who was forced to grow up way to early because he was forced into prostitution at the age of 16. Because of this I always thought he resented his beauty and almost wished that he looked as dark and screwed up as he felt, maybe than people wouldn't see him as a plastic barbie doll who led a perfect life. So yes I know it is crazy but I always thought that at the end of the war if Annie and Peeta had died, Finnick and Katniss would end up together.

#2 Scydia (Scott/Lydia) Teen Wolf

I swear to god I've been hardcore shipping this since season 1 as preposterous as it sounds, I think they belong together. Lets start at the beginning, for a long time I refused to watch teen wolf because I thought it would be cliche and poorly written, I was so wrong. Teen Wolf is a well written teen drama that doesn't sensor itself, they were one of the first to truly embrace gay characters, they don't stick to the cliches, and the characters are real. We all know the characters go through a lot of shit and their lives are as far from perfect as they get. My biggest qualm is Stydia, which basically is the easiest route for the writers to go, the cliche dork and popular find out they aren't so different and fall in love. I truly commend them from avoiding this ship for as long as they have, but I still believe they are going to be endgame. I believe that Scydia is a better ship because Scott treats Lydia as an equal and he isn't always saving her and protecting her.Another reason is because while Jackson treated her like trash and Stile treated her like a prize to be won, Scott has always treated her like a real person, and thats why they ended up kissing in season 1. I swear, I'm going down with this ship no matter what!

(Btw I hate it when google auto corrects Scydia for Stydia, it makes me sad.)

There's so many more ships but these two are very near and dear to me so please don't be too mean to me about this.


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