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All right so, I've only had sleep paralysis four times in my life. Four, that's not a huge number, not by a long shot. You think that, hey, it's not so bad. No.

My first time I had sleep paralysis was when I was still living with my parents at, oh, is say about 16/17 yr old. I remember closing my eyes and start drifting to sleep, and then suddenly waking up. Like, I don't know, like a very violent wake up where you flail your arms. This time however, I realized I couldn't move my arms at all. Or my legs. Or my toes. Not even my nostrils (I flare my nose a lot). I start panicking because, I began to realize that I wasn't breathing. I consciously took a deep breath in and my breathing came back under control. Until it started getting harder and harder. Like, it felt like there was something on my chest pushing me into my bed. I opened my eyes and all I saw was blackness. Yeah, you might be saying "well duh all you saw was blackness, it's nighttime!". Well, that's the kicker, because I had my laptop light illuminating my room off my desk and whatever I was looking at was blocking the light. I've never been so scared in my life. Now, I'm not a praying man, but I was seriously out of options. I prayed that if God would get this, I dunno, thing, off my chest, that I would change what I do, change my lifestyle. All the things you'd expect, really. And just as suddenly as it came, it left.

Not so scary, right? Just the first time? Well, ha ha, there's still two, three and four.

The second time. This was one of the only times that it was super vivid. Like, I don't even know how to explain it. Just to let you know, my eyes wouldn't open, like, at all. So everything I'm about to right is seen through my minds eye. Everything I do, again, from my minds eye. Again, laying in bed, going to sleep when I find I can't move. My eyes wouldn't open. I found myself in this very narrow lit up, I don't know, road maybe? Like, the "road" was lit up itself. It was about, I'd say, 4ft wide? And I'm just standing there. Don't know how I got there, but I knew that I was still in bed, just couldn't move. Could breath fine though! Anyways, I decide to start walking, and walking, and walking. As I keep walking I notice this road is starting to shrink. Like, in width. I start picking out shapes that I hadn't seen before that are now there. Things, moving and twist in the dark where the light wasn't there. Nothing real discernable, just, rough sketches of you will. But as I kept walking, and as the road shrink more and more I started to see these things in better detail. I remember seeing splashes of red, yellow, and black. Things with long spindly fingers, and large protruding things coming out of what may have been shoulder blades. And then the laughter.. By that point, the "road" had shrunken down to about a foot wide, and I began to see these things reaching out for me. Could feel cold breath against my neck. Feel goosebumps crawling all over. I just stopped, then. But the "road" kept shrinking.. I broke down. I Shit you not, I broke down, and began calling anyone, anything to help.. And then I just remember visualizing a gigantic cross over me.. And feeling my body start lifting up and... What I saw just.. I felt bathed in light and love. Everything was a very warm, bright tone.. I don't know what it was, or how it happened, but I do remember waking up crying, with a smile on my face, and still feeling that warm glow clinging to my body..

The third and fourth times actually happened back to back. Not like, oh, it happened this day and the day after. No. I'm talking like a couple of seconds apart. Why?


This happened when I was 19. Just that year I had shipped to basic, went through ait, and was at my duty station. I was chilling out in my bed, blinds partially closed, lights off. Relaxing. All of a sudden, I got that same feeling again, yet this time it was different. I saw this lady, with black clothes and black hair, but no face.. Like, everything was just black.. And I felt that pressure on my chest again, but then it went away. Just like that. I don't know how it came about, but just as quickly as it came it went.. And then, like I said. Curiousity. I decided to see if it was random or if it would come back if I thought about.. It sure as hell did! But this time it was more pressure, and she seemed a hell of a lot closer..

Shit still makes me tremble some nights..


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