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The Longest Ride tells not one, but two beautiful love stories, separated by time but connected by fate.

The stories of Sophia Danko and Luke Collins, a young couple who are both searching for something more in their lives, both from completely different worlds,

and Ira and Ruth Levenson, whose love story takes place in the 1940s.

Britt Robertson who plays Sophia Danko was just.....AMAZING! Her character is a very sheltered, over achieving college student working her way to greatness and Britt brought her personality to life perfectly.

Her performance was so moving it made the movie that much greater. I have seen her act in a number of movies before and this was by far one of her best performances to date.

Scott Eastwood was incredible! Especially considering this was his first time acting in a romance. His character Luke Collins is a professional bull rider who's only goal was to be the best, that is until he met Sophia.

People used to look at Scott and think "That's Clint Eastwood's son, he's probably an amazing action star", well Scott sure made a name for himself in this movie, apart from just that, and I really hope to see him act in more dramas, cause he definitely has the talent for it.

Britt and Scott have great chemistry onscreen, and that is a huge part of why while watching the movie you can really experience Luke and Sophia's lovestory yourself.

Not to mention the fact that they look extremely hot together.

Director George Tillman Jr has brought Nicholas Sparks' words to life in such an enthralling way. It is one of those incredible movies that will completely captivate you.

The movie's stunt coordinator has done a terrific job creating all those amazing bull riding scenes. Although Scott Eastwood didn't actually get to ride a bull in the movie, that didn't stop him from trying. He did film a lot of scenes on top of real live bulls, so well done Scott!

Ira and Ruth have an especially complicated lovestory and Jack Huston and Oona Chaplin who played Young Ira and Young Ruth both did such a brilliant job!

Also Alan Alda who plays the heavy hearted Ira Levenson, the man who ends up changing Luke and Sophia's lives forever.

This movie did everything great romances do. It makes you cry tears of sadness,

and joy.

It makes you excited and anxious, it makes you wonder, it makes your heart ache, in a good and bad way, and just like every great romance, it gives you a beautiful ending with a happily ever after, and in this case it ends with a happily married Luke and Sophia.

Note the wedding ring on Luke's hand
Note the wedding ring on Luke's hand

This movie is very different from other romances we've seen, it is so much more than just another classic romance, there are so many different elements to it. We've got love, war, art and bull riding. All that put together to make one truly wonderful movie. This story teaches you all about sacrificing the things you love, for the people you love.

The Longest Ride was, in my opinion, the best Nicholas Sparks movie since the Notebook.


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