ByAnand Kumar, writer at
Anand Kumar

Hi, to everyone!

So intro is not required, you all know what i am going to say.

Yes!yes!yes! It would be awesome if the movie was made very soon.

Where the Gotham dark knight meets the new Transylvanian dark knight.

We already know batman vs superman and suicide squad is slotted for 2016.

And a solo Batman in 2017 or 2018? not sure.

Solo batman movie has to have Bruce Wayne intro as well as a non - Gotham criminal i.e. Dracula .

It would be different and new way of tackling the enemy.

Who's power can't be matched with any living being.

As we have seen almost most of enemies from Arkham fighting in movies.

But we have not seen this in live action movie.

I & You all Batman fans will be hoping DC has this thing on their mind.

Thank you.


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