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Kimberly Flores

I had been binge watching almost every scary movie title on Netflix all night, every night for the past week. It was 7am and I was ready to sleep for the day. I had just moved in with my dad and I had never experienced anything too terrifying, at least not at his house. As I was falling asleep I heard some weird noises, but ignored them and fell into a deep sleep. The dream was like an out of body experience, I was in my room, the sunlight was coming in, and I saw myself sleeping. If was as if I never fell asleep, but because I could see myself I knew I was. I quickly went back to first-person, and I fell off from my bed in this dream. My furniture began hovering over me, and I felt this right pressure on my chest and my room grew darker as if someone was blocking the light. I woke up in the same position from when I fell asleep, and I couldn't move, and despite the fact that I was on my side it felt as though someone was on top of me choking me. I tried to scream for help but nothing would come out. Eventually, I started moving my toes and I could move my body again. Since I was so tired I ignored what had just happened and tried falling back asleep. Before I went into a deep sleep again I heard a man yell right into my ear saying, "WAKE THE FUCK UP!" My eyes nearly popped out of my skull, I was so scared and again could not move. I just closed my eyes ignored the situation, and eventually fell back asleep.


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