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The greatest trouble of this geoid earth: Pizza delivered cold

Due to the ever increasing traffic jams and reducing tip expectations, and the drones are doing nothing but supercooling. The chance for a successful hot pizza delivery is decreasing( lets assume it is going to decrease).

Chewy Draggy and Cold.
Chewy Draggy and Cold.

Thus millions of fuzzy pizza eaters are gonna face the above mentioned apocalyptical situation.

To increase their income I strongly recomend these four fellows to the four most successful Piza delivering MNC's of your neighbourhood.

1. Quicksilver.

Marvel and DC fans have been waging wars for decades and it still exist even in this article (I am a marvel fan).

He can eat so he can deliver pizza too.
He can eat so he can deliver pizza too.

So, yay, the prime contender as the delivery boy is the awsome fast mutant quicksilver. You can pay him the tip if he is in good mood. Otherwise he will take the tip from your .. your.. eeh, wherever you keep your money even before you know it.

2. The Flash.


I admit he is just like our friendly neighbourhood spiderman. You can bet he wont peep in to the box to see what we have ordered. Please tip him good because he won't ask for the tip and even may refuse it.

3. Sonic the hedgehog.

PIZZA  anyone?
PIZZA anyone?

Well yes it is a hedgehog but it is intelligent, funny and blue. Little kids may demand for pizza home delivery 24x7 just to watch him coming to their home.

He wont care for money so if you have some usual veggies that hedgehogs eat at your kitchen, it would suffice.

4. XLR8

Its a thumbs up
Its a thumbs up

Strange, an alien delivering pizza? you may think. But it is just a normal highschool going, part time working, pizza belivery boy Ben Tennyson.

As we know 'He has a watch which makes him an extra ordinary kid', With omnitrix at his hand(or its updated versions). Incase the pizza went cold heatblast can do a normal warming and XLR8 can do the job.

He may not stop waiting for the tip since an army of aliens in different shapes and size always follows him for the watch.

The rest of the not -so- successful-as-the-above 4 pizza vendors can hire ZOOM, Ironman, Spiderman ect.

If you have some kind of mini sized pizza for kids Turbo can be hired, eventhough he is still working at the DosBros Tacos.

Im ready.
Im ready.

Thats all folks........


So whome should deliver the pizza??


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