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A single xenomorph could ruin your's and everyone's day, now imagine a whole nest of them lurking somewhere on your local space station or an unsuspecting colony on LV-426. With a face hug here and a chest burst there it seems that everything is going to end, that nothing could stop this alien threat, and without a Ripley or a Shaw in sight that there is no hope, but never fear because there are heroes among us. Four champions to take down the alien menace in their own way.


To top our list The Man, The Mutant, The Wolverine. Equipped with only his healing factor, heightened senses, oh so shiny adamantium claws, and dog tags he is a force to be reckoned with. He can survive a chest bursting or three and can slice a part xenomorphs and the only side affect would be temporary dis-figuration while all his skin grows back because this is your brain and this is your brain on alien acid blood. I will now apologize that terrible joke, but yeah you gotta watch out for xenomorph blood, well that is unless you have a healing factor which you most likely don't so watch out by all means. Deadpool could have also have been here, but as a mercenary his client could have him obtain one possibly in himself, so not really much of hero in that light.


The savior of Gotham City billionaire by day hero by night. Armed with a number of hi-tech gadgets to destroy aliens in a number of different manors he would be set, but he is much, much more. He is incredibly intelligent with photographic memory he can defeat almost any foe through deducing if he has enough time. Lastly, he is stealthy, stealthy enough to sneak past superman without him hearing him. Those xenos better watch out.

Iron Man

The Iron Man or more accurately Gold Titanium Alloy Man. First off, Iron Man's suit can withstand acid that means immunity to alien blood and face huggers melting his helmet. It has a various assortments of variations and forms of weaponry for any occasion can contain if need a flamethrower (as seen in the MK 1 armor in the first movie) which is one of a xenomorphs major weaknesses especially the baby ones. Oh and did I mention that it can fly.

Rocket Raccoon

The semi robotic, four foot, genetically enhanced, raccoon named rocket from space may not be your your first choice to stand up to the seven foot xenomorphs up to their fourteen foot queens, but in the words of Yoda ,who is two foot two which is even shorter, " Size matters not." His size one of his biggest advantages, he can sneak about where they cannot, and he isn't really a good candidate for a face hugging who know's what a cyborg raccoon's anatomy looks like, I certainly don't. He heightened senses, heavy artillery to blow them away, and he has ingenuity to build weapons and work his way out of almost every situation. They never knew what hit them.

Those xenomorphs never stood a chance against these four great heroes they wiped them all out never to be seen again the Xenomorph threat RIP (1979-2015) or at least til 2016 when Prometheus 2 comes out.


Who would you trust to stop the xenomorph infestation?


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