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Baldwin Collins

Jamaican personalities have been apart of the james bond film franchise since it's Beginning Starting with 'Dr. no (1962) the term coined today as bond villian or villains, is best remembered from these three Characters called 'the three blind mice' they're are seen at the end scenes of the credit, walking through the streets of kingston, jamaica. the three blind assassins are posing as Beggers in the fictional queens club car park, waiting on they're victim.

John strangeways a club member is having a card game with other members, when suddenly, he decides to leave the game to order some drinks. When really he's a British government agent planning to make contact with regents park over a radio transmitter, On approaching his car Strangeways drops a coin in their tin cup, When he turns to inter his car, the three men shoot him in the back several times. That scene is iconic and legendary today in bond history.

However the three jamaican actors we're, Eric coverly, charles edgcill and henry lopez, the first actors to play characters known as bond villian/henchmen.


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