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Baldwin Collins

The late Reginald carter Jamaican stage tv/film star. made his debut in (1962) as the character mr. jones the chauffeur assassin who picks-up james bond 007 (sean connery) on his arrival in jamaica at Norman washington manley airport, Jones informs bond, that he was sent by government house. Being suspicous, bond phones ahead confirming his doubt's, james bond plays along with the chauffeurs story and travels with him.

After a lengthy drive, bond instructs Jones to suddenly drive-off the main road to a isolated back road. with a gun pushed in his neck, Jones realizes that bond is on to him. making attempts to reach his own gun from the glove compartment, bond stops him, and uses his martial art skills to overpower Jones, like many of Dr. no's Assassin's, many would rather die than Givaway information. Jones takes cyanide Hidden inside a Cigarette.

However the late Reginald carter was later on in life best remembered as the Character ted Blackburn the owner of the fictional plantation Home royal palm. Which was the title of t v Drama series 'royal palm Estate' one of jamaica's well known tv/film personalities.


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