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Watching the season final of game of thrones left me with more questions then ever before! But the main thing on my mind is JON SNOW ohh Jon snow, just when I think I'm safe enough to really start liking a character the nights watch decide to stab him... To death?

Now game of thrones touches on everything you could want in a TV show dragons, magic, zombies and Kings and queens fighting over a chair! One I wouldn't mind having myself I must admit!

So with all of these elements in the show you have to start to believe that anything is possible! Including John Snow coming back from the dead! So the next question is... How could this happen? The theories are endless but with the books and the TV show in mind the most plausible ones are:

1. Melisandre - now the lord of light is full of mysterious doings, we have seen the lord of light bring back a man who had been stabbed and hung the lord of light brought him back over and over and over again! Now Malisandra wasn't responsible for his but she does follow the lord of light so maybe he will let her bring our beloved Jon snow back as he had with others before him! This is a very believable theory given she walked back through the walls gate moments before john was attacked!

2. Many people are saying that he may be warging (is that even a word?) into his dire wolf - Ghost - this could be plausible due to the fact he was a warg in the books! But seeing as tho it hasn't been mentioned at all during the last 5 seasons it seems a little strange to just warg him into his pet all of a sudden, and with that in mind what would happen to him if he did? If a warg dies while entering an animals body then he is stuck in it, so He wouldn't be able to speak and if he didn't have a body to return to then he wouldn't be much use to us now would he?!

3. White walker Jon... Now this isn't the best theory our sweet, kind, loving Jon Snow turning into a white walker would just suck and to be honest, I don't even want to think about it!! but given the fact the body hasn't been burnt yet - and the white walker king is always around when we don't want him to be! it could be a possibility that would change everything! Would he be fighting for the other side? Or would he still have his humanity and be able to fight against them? This could also tie into the the theory that the white walker king is a stark!! Either way I can't see it being something that works well for the show!

4. Dead is Dead! And yes I hate myself for saying it! But it's the truest of possibilities, he was stabbed quite a few times, he was left bleeding on the floor the life draining out of him in front of our tear filled eyes and we are talking about GOT here! The book/show that thrives on killing of characters as we start to root for them so what's stopping them from taking Jon Snow from us?! The idea of him staying dead makes a few of my other personal theories vanish but isn't that the point, to keep us guessing?!

Personally I'm hoping that Melisandre can bring him back to life! I have a theory she left Stannis for dead after realising she wasn't the true king! Maybe the lord of light thinks Jon is and he will be worthy to bring back?! Fingers crossed next April comes quickly!!


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