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Okay now horror movies taught us that demon girls are the worst and my experience proved that now surprisingly enough the demon girls in my dream looked exactly like the on in the picture which when I found this picture in google search maybe that's what aroused it. So my eyes open Everything is grey I look over beside me there she is laying right beside me It scares the shit out of me I scream. She gets on my chest and puts her finger on my lip and goes ssshhhh. I am flipping out I am breathing really fast. Holy freaking shit she fades away. but then FIVE other demons come out of my fucking TV and then for some reason I start shaking like something is pushing me. One of them look like that spider....demon....girl thing from Evil Within! The rest look like the grudge. They all try to choke me. Remember the first girl? She pulls them all off of me with her....demonic powers the spider thing fights back and one of them is still choking me I am crying my heart is beating faster then the first girl rips this spider thing in bits in pieces and grabs the one that's choking me and slices her in half with kind of actually looked like a sai...anyways...then get this....she comes over and kisses my forehead... she smiles and fades away. Now the first one that saved me might have been my older sister. She wakes up in the middle of the night to get some water. But holy freaking shit I was SCARED. I asked her the next morning if she had woken up last night and she said "yeah...and dude you were breathing faster than a race car at full speed I kept trying to wake you up but you wouldn't wake up" Which explained the random shaking when I saw them all come out of the TV. Then she gave up and went to the bathroom. Which explained the first girl fading while the other five tried to kill me. then she said when she was done in the bathroom my breathing slowed down a bit and that she kissed me on the forehead when she came back. So it pretty much was her. But seriously sleep paralysis is no joke. Don't try it.


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