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Malik Julien

I'm only fourteen going on fifteen, (I'm an artist: actor, writer, singer and model). Why I include that is because I believe I have a bright future. As a Christian I feel as if EVIL is to come and break me, although I put up a fight. At a young age the paralysis began about when I was 12 but of course I experienced it a couple times before at 6 or 7. Anyways, at 12 I was at my mother's home (I'll tell you why I say my mother's home) and the first experiences were dreadful: as soon as I opened my eyes, I felt like something like a force (inhuman force) awaken me then on top of me speaking in some type of language and EXTREMELY High pitched screaming. This went on and on for a good 2 and 1/2 weeks straight. I remember being in various positions, hearing diferent sounds and feeling varying weight of darkness each night and my answer for help was the living room, my mothers room and a conversation with my grandfather whom is a reverend. One night I got really tired of it and immensely feared, in a result I went into my mother's room and I suddenly had gotten sick...super sick. The reason I say "my mother's home" earlier is because I stay at my granddads during the week for school and the paralysis does NOT ever happen. I.e he is a reverend. I guess they feel threatened or just plainly resistant. I believe Evil hates good and hates any human doing good they pick some to drift and one way you can drift by feeding evil mustn't fear's what they like, because now sleep paralysis has happened to me SO MUCH I know when it's about to happen, and when I do I feed it no fear and I leave out into more of a pure area and pray. Every time I do that, the more power I regain over myself (even when I'm sleeping and experiencing sleep paralysis) and the more lighter the episodes get. Only thing, THEY just won't leave me alone.


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