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First off, if you haven't seen this show, I highly recommend it. Someone equated the show to a mixture of SG-1 and Firefly, which is pretty accurate. It's a great mix of mystery, science fiction, and adventure that makes you want to keep watching to know all of the secrets that are hidden beneath the surface.

Essentially the show is about six people who wake up in stasis pods on a ship that just dropped out of FTL(equivalent to warp or light speed) with no memory of who they are. They have basic skills, like fighting or flying shuttles, but no semblance of who they are aside from their personality. Even their names are a mystery, so they simply numbered off in the order they woke up. Onboard is an android to help them fly the ship and repair any damages. Their goal is to understand who they are and survive in the universe without being caught or killing each other.

If you're using this article to judge whether you want to watch, DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!!! This will cover information from all four episodes up-to-date, and there are spoilers ahead! If you're still reading, be ready to have large plot-twists exposed.

So, who are the crew of the Raza, the ship they woke up on? We don't know everything, but here is what we know along with some speculation.


Being the first to wake up, he earned the title one but not exactly the leadership role for the crew of the Raza. His real name is Jace Corso, and he is charged with murder, assault, kidnapping, trafficking and theft. But in reality, One may not be Jace Corso. In last night's episode, we met the real Corso who was going to join the Raza to kick the miners off their planet but was nearly arrested. In turn, One was the Jace Corso to board the ship. So, who is One? It's possible that he's a clone used from the transfer transit service, but the most likely possibility is that he had reconstructive surgery to look exactly like Jace Corso to board the Raza.

Now for the hypotheticals. The reason I said One is not Corso is because he is not a killer. Sure, he can fight and he is very confident, but comparing him to the Jace Corso we saw last night clears it up. He is different from the rest of the crew in a big way: he cares. In the first and second episode, he clearly felt compassion for the miners on the planet that the corporations began fighting over. He wanted to protect the people, not kill them like some of the others considered so they could get paid. The miners did mention that help was coming, someone name Rothgar who promised to bring weapons to protect themselves from the Ferrous Corporation with.

One surmised that they could have killed the transport and taken the weapons to use for themselves. But what if One was the person who promised, Rothgar? It would explain the reconstructive surgery, and he could possibly have done the memory wipe to convince them to help him protect the miners. And, inadvertently in the process, he wiped himself. This is a huge possibility, especially since he found the necklace that the miners said would be the sign of those who came to help.


Two, played by Melissa o'Neil
Two, played by Melissa o'Neil

Two woke up seconds after One and they actually fought to repair the ship and restore life support in their first few minutes of consciousness. She is clearly the leader of the crew, though she does value democracy and the opinions of the crew. Two's name is Portia Lin, charged with murder, assault, arson, theft and piracy. She belongs on the ship because she innately know so much about it and can nearly run it without the android's help. She does get annoyed of the crew from time to time, and she can convince them to follow her lead by manipulating them without their realizing. Even though she seems as though she could care less for them at times, she really does care about everyone's well-being on the Raza.

There really isn't much we have to question about who Two is, but she continues to deny who she was before the wipe. She hates her real name and will not let anyone call her that. She is brilliant, which makes her a formidable enemy and ally. She's not a likely culprit for the one who wiped their memories, unless there is something we don't know about her yet (which is almost certain). Besides, she is too thorough to write such a crude program that she would inadvertently wipe her own memory. She has the most knowledge of the ship and its workings, along with how the android runs. And she was one of only two crew members who wasn't attacked by it, which casts her in an interesting light. But, there isn't much to speculate about on her.


Three, played by Anthony Lemke
Three, played by Anthony Lemke

Three is one of the most disliked members of the Raza, considering only one person is in his trust and most likely doesn't trust Three himself. His name is Marcus Boone, and he is charged with murder, assault, kidnapping and piracy. He's the muscle of the Raza, always having a gun on his person and a smirk on his face. He's arrogant, self-centered, and a know-it-all(put so eloquently by One). He clearly cares nothing for any of the other crew members and is only on the ship for the time being until it becomes more profitable for him to leave.

There isn't much speculating we can do on Three except for what the crew sees: they don't trust him. He could have wiped their memories for his own gain so he could take the ship for himself or make himself their leader. Either way, he is selfish and only looking out for number-one, Marcus Boone. Interestingly enough though, he doesn't accept his past either and still goes by Three. He doesn't try to hide who he is but doesn't embrace it either, causing a lot of suspicion from the crew.


Four, played by Alex Mallari Jr.
Four, played by Alex Mallari Jr.

Four is one of the best fighters on the Raza, so talented that he would only have to look at his enemy once to locate him and know exactly how to approach and attack without having his eyes open. He is brutal and quiet, and he keeps to himself. His real identity it Ryo Tersudo, and he is charged with murder, assault and piracy. He is the only one in the confidence of Three, and even then we don't know if he trust any of the crew. And at the end of last night's episode, we learned that Four could very well be the Crown Prince Ishida Ryo who is speculated to have murdered his father the emperor and fled. He has a ring that belongs to the Ishida line, which only solidifies this further.

Now, Four is in essence the one who started them all on this journey. A news report about the murder of the emperor stated that after his assassination, the fight for territory between the corporations broke out. The crew of the Raza was hired by a corporation to kill the miners in a fight over territory and money, which was a result of the empire in turmoil. And though Four is brooding and untrusting of his fellow crew mates, he doesn't seem like the type to wipe their memory unless they learned who he was. Which, if they had, he would probably have rather killed them.


Five, played by Jodelle Ferland
Five, played by Jodelle Ferland

Five has been different from the rest of the crew since the moment she woke up. Throughout the whole first episode, she was the only one who wore clothes that weren't black. She isn't as old as they are, most likely a teenager while the others are in their mid twenties or older. She is curious and not in the least bit untrusting unless she has a reason to have reservations. She's clever and has a lot more innate knowledge than the others. And lastly, she has no identity.

The data on the ship was all destroyed though some of it was recovered, which was how the crew of the Raza knew their names and charges. She was not part of the Most Wanted list, which could mean she isn't even a part of the crew. The necklace that One found could possibly have been hers. Five is also extremely intelligent. She helped fix certain parts of the ship along with reviving the android, and she knows an extensive amount about human biology.

The interesting thing about Five is that she has memories. But, they are not necessarily her own. She has flashes in her dreams and even in everyday life of memories and she is always the one living them, but they are not all hers. She doesn't know whose they are, except for the fact that they are the crew's. She seemed to have absorbed the memories before or during the wipe, most likely as a result of the poor coding done for the program to wipe them during stasis. This could have been her fault if she were the one to sneak on the ship and wipe their memory, but so far we have no motive for her. There's still a lot more we have to learn about her.


Six, played by Roger R. Cross
Six, played by Roger R. Cross

And finally, we meet Six. He was the last to wake up and honestly the one with the most questions. He wants to know about his past but won't push to get his way. He seems the most level-headed of the crew and looks out for all of them, but he tends to hang around with Five and keep her company. His name is Griffin Jones, and he is charged with murder, assault and smuggling. And even though we know his past identity, he doesn't tend to show it unless he or someone else he wants to protect is threatened. He knows how to pilot the Marauder (the Raza's shuttle) and has almost a sense of wisdom.

Again, there is nothing suspicious about Six that we can see, but that can be a very bad thing. There's no motive for the memory wipe that we know of unless it's yet to be discovered, and he does seem to look out for those onboard the ship. The only person he tends to not get along with is Three, similar to the rest of the crew. And though he doesn't seem to have an evil air about him, he is definitely one of the more dangerous ones.

So who did the memory wipe?

All of them are possible, but I am most suspicious of One and Five. They have knowledge and possibly the motive, but there is still a lot more to learn. I guess we have to wait to find out the answers, just like they will.


Who do you think wiped the crew's memory?


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