ByBrad Dee, writer at

In the second month of the new status quo of Batman, we are starting to see how the stories are fitting together. In the main Batman book, Snyder is giving us a story that shows us the perspective of Gordan as the new Batman, while in this title Brian Buccellato is showing us what the cops of Gotham feel towards the new Dark Knight. Do they feel he is a success of a failure? This book also marks the return of fan favorites Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya. That in itself is a reason to enjoy this title.

Buccellato is taking this story to the streets of Gotham and we are getting to see the new Batman learn on the job what it takes to be a hero. We know already that most superheroes don't do well in their first few adventures. Most actually get creamed and learn as they go along. That is the case for Gordon as he learns first hand that it isn't easy being a hero and having these types of battles. But, the true focus on this comic is the feelings that the other cops of Gotham have on the new Batman. They feel he's a total joke and not ready for the streets. They see him as a casualty in the war that they go through each day. Plus, the corruption that is present in this city doesn't help the matters. Many wanna see him fail. The only downsides of this issue is the villains that Batman must face, La Morte, because they aren't that interesting and really don't keep our focus on the story. The art is panned upon but I feel that it does fit the comic pretty well. the writing of course is good and has been for months now. We need to keep these comics seperated so we can see the full story as it develops of the new Batman. I enjoyed this one alot. I give this comic a 8 out of 10.


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