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I know i'm late with this review, but after watching this movie, I felt something new, that I haven't felt with many action movies, I felt like I just watched a nearly perfect one. It's hard to explain, but i'll try my best.

First of all, the villain: Khan Noonien Singh:

He was portrayed in this film by Benedict Cumberbatch, a man who never ceases to amaze me. The raw intensity he brought to the role was... Amazing! His emotions flared and you could see that Khan was heartless but full of soul for his lost crew. I have never seen a better portrayed villain than when I watched this movie.

Next up, the chemistry between actors:

Actors Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto really hit their stride in this film. The back and forth and the pure brotherly emotion they had for each other was enough to make anybody sob heartfelt tears. Plus, Simon Pegg has been the one defined feature of the movies for me, he was amazing in the first one and brought it back in this installment of the series. I mention Simon namely because of his and Kirk's chemistry importance. It is crucial that Scotty and Kirk have actors who can work very well off of each other. Chris Pine and Simon Pegg work together well, ranging from the comedic parts to the dramatic parts. It's so very well done!

Now, a bad point:

I was recently introduced to Alice Eve through a friend of mine. She's such a smart actress, but I feel like she wasn't written very well into this series. She had potential to be a wonderful addition to this kick ass franchise! Sadly, she ended up being essentially nothing but eye candy for Kirk and Bones. (Check Photo Below) But, this is the only disappointment I received from the film.

You're hot, but your acting is just as good and that should have been shown off better!
You're hot, but your acting is just as good and that should have been shown off better!

Lastly, the blend of comedy, drama, and action:

This was my favorite part of the movie other than the villain of course! This was integrated so well. It featured the chase scene between Spock and Khan which blew my socks off as well as Khan's brutal introduction when he open fired in the Starfleet meeting that was taking place. Then Khan shows up in Kronos and takes out an entire large troop of Klingon warriors-- WOW! Then it has the comedic stylings of Simon Pegg to tie up the dramatic elements of the movie. The dramatic elements that I favored about the movie has the pure emotion on the faces of the actor. Pine's brutal scenes of agony, Quinto's wonderful blend of desperation and comradery as well as, yes you guessed it, Benedict's scenes of roaring intensity! (Smaug reference much?)

Final Thoughts:

The movie did a great job incorporating the things that make us viewers love action movies. It isn't the full on badassery of gun fights and explosions. It's the mental anguish of each and every person involved combined with the little things in life that make us happy! All in all, it was a great film and I highly recommend it!

It's on Netlfix! Check it out now!

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