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In a world, where feelings are being expressed in every which way possible. This movie that was adapted from Pixar and Disney is one unlike any other they have created. Sure in every film they make they always make us think or bring out an emotion that we never knew was there, but in this case they display it out in plain sight. Each one of these characters Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger, and Fear have their own unique personalities that bring them together as a whole. I'm a big Disney and Pixar fan so of course I wanted to see this movie right away, but I never thought that this movie would give me a turn of events to make me think like never before. Think in a way that I found myself saying, "I wonder if that really is why I have these emotions?" If so then mine need some definite work.

Within this movie their is a lot of excitement, laughter, tearful moments, and over all a good movie to go see. Of course if you have kids they will love the bright colors and funny moments the characters have. I know my brother who is thirteen, he has Aspergers, and after we left the theater he kept imagining that these characters are in his head. In a way to where if he feels sad he says his sadness is taking over or if he doesn't want to eat something like broccoli than he explains its his disgust emotion. This movie Inside Out, brings out your imagination and endless possibilities of how are brains really work as well as they are developed when we are growing up. Also with an understanding of how our memory works as well. I don't want to give too much away if you haven't seen it, but this will bring you and your family closer together.

There has been discussion on Facebook about if this movie maybe reflects any mental issues with the human body. By watching this I believe in some way it can, but at the same time I don't think that it's true focus on the movie. I believe in my opinion that it gives us a glimpse of the many reasons of why we do the things we do. Why do we get angry? Why do we get sad? Why do we fear certain things? Why do we have certain dislikes or disgust? That is ultimate question is why. Everyone is different in their own way, they can only answer this how they see best fit them.

In my own personal journey through life, I still ask the simply question why. It is our human nature to be so curious about the world and everything around us. Sure at times I feel that my joy has been locked up with the key being thrown away, but some how the brightness of her glow seems to outshine whatever emotion I might be feeling. Take to this movie however you please, maybe it is just another amazing movie done by the people who we have loved over the years or maybe shed some light into your own life by reflecting how this can help you overall.

Let me know what you think about the movie pros and cons, for this is a movie about feelings.

From your friend Ash :) Till next time, the adventure of my life continues...

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