ByClaire Mahoney-Nielsen, writer at

I've had these dreams for 11 years. Every time i have another hallucination i get more terrified, even though i know its not real. It feels like shes here in real life with me. Watching me waiting for me to fall asleep. Its gotten to the point where i was afraid to sleep. The longest i have stayed up was 4 days. I know when I'm about to have sleep paralysis because i feel like my body twitches. Like someones underneath my bed and pushing up on my mattress and shaking my bed. Then i hear static. Incredibly loud terrifying static. I cant breathe for at least 3 minutes it feels like. I count in my head to 60 to try and breathe again. But i cant. I've never experienced her sitting on top of my chest, but it is very hard for me to breathe. I sometimes felt like i was dead. i try to shake my leg to wake myself up. It occasionally works. In 2004 the grudge came out and my dad wanted me to go see it in theaters. I was 7 when i saw it. I always see a shadow of a girl with long hair. I never could see her face though. Just a black shadow. Shes always dripping water. I once saw her dripping with blood. I always assumed its the girl from that movie but i'm not sure. One time i slept with my hand hanging off of my bed and my arm was asleep and she crawled over to my bed and bit off my finger off. Kind of like lord of the rings i think. Another dream i had she possessed me. My bones snapped like in those scary movies and she dragged me across my house. Apparently i was sleep walking and my dad told be about it the day after. I have never experienced something so terrifying i might have a heart attack. I've heard cases where that has happened. Just feel lucky if some of you don't experience those things.~


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