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When Mathew Vaughn directed First Class. I thought it was a great movie. Not only was it a movie that dealt with the origins of Xavier and Erik. But also, most importantly it was without Wolverine. This to me was a good idea. Wolverine is a great character. Jackman has been immense. But people have to realise that the Xmen universe is vast. There are so many characters that can be developed by Fox. However, it seems that they are focused on Wolverine at every turn. Which gets me upset about Singer. He totally ruined First Class for me. First Class had a great story, excellent characters (especially Bacon as Sebastian Shaw) and scope. Days of Future Past was a congested mess.

Now I might be in the minority but I can not stand what Singer has done with the Xmen. Now when Vaughn directed the awesome First Class. It was fresh, without Wolverine. I was looking forward to seeing how a young Xavier and Erik develop. I was also looking forward to seeing how the original xmen transpired. Just like the forming of the Brotherhood of Mutants. But as you know, Singer took over and obliterated the First Class movie by adding a clusterfuck mutant movie. Days of Future Past comic is a classic. But the movie never paid homage to it! In all actualality Singer went back to his comfort zone. He bought back his original xmen. He bought back Wolverine and at the same time killed off most of the First Class cast! There was only four from the first movie that featured. It was never a First Class sequel at all but just another Singer/Jackman courtship movie. Now the clock goes round again with Apocalypse. ANOTHER mutant congested movie. And again, it involves Wolverine. Screenrant has rumoured that McAvoy and Fassbender are taking a back seat to let the young present Xmen take over. But we are led to believe that this is a First Class trilogy! What a joke!


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