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marcus mcmillon

I'm absolutely LOVING the new Post Secret Wars roster. Delighted that it is a diverse lineup. I am glad that Marvel are finally embracing ethnic and female superheros. In my mind it's about time. For to long we have been trained to think that mainstream superheros are white males. That has been the way that media loved to portray it. If there was a ethnic superhero, he would be the "uncool" sidekick who acts stupid. And the women would be exploited as nothing more than a sexual object. Now however, I think it's a positive change. I love that ethnic superheroes such as Miles Morales, Sam Wilson, Red Wolf, Blue Marvel are in the mainstream now. The same goes for the women. Characters such as Marvel, Spiderwoman, and Thor are a positive role model hero's. I applaud Marvel for embracing diversity.

I think about the ethnic minority children who idolise superheroes. When I was younger, i subconsciously believed that white men are superheroes. Well, superheroes that matter. You look at the bigger picture. All of the mainstream superheros were white men back in the day. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Shazam, Xmen, Fantastic Four, Hulk etc. All were white. Now there is nothing wrong with their characters but it does not send a positive message to ethnic minority children. This is why I embrace what Marvel have done. They have created a roster that represents the true demographic of today. And what's not to like? Peter Parker is still there but Morales is there to. No racebending at all. The same goes for Steve Rogers, he is still there but Wilson is the logical Captain America..again no racebending. Marvel comics have made a difference. Now with time, some peoples train of thought can change also.


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