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Since Sony had the rights of Spiderman. It's safe to say they have messed up the franchise. Of course with the share rights with MCU, us fans were obviously excited. Not to mention some of us expected to see Morales. I know I did. Could you imagine the positive message that it would bring? A black Spiderman in the MCU! Colour would not be an issue. However, to Sony it was.

A very interesting article. Marvel comics and MCU do not always share the same opinions. In relation to Marvel comics, they have endorsed a diverse roster. However, the same could not be said of MCU. They are particularly lacking in ethnic and female department. The pinnacle of this, was when Marvel obviously introduced Morales in 2011. Ever since then Morales has been gradually getting more and more popular. His character sends a positive message. Even Alonso praised him (albeit because of sells increased). So if Marvel comics were positive and to an extent brave enough to make the move, why not MCU? Now, some might say that this was not MCU responsibility. After all, people need to realise that Sony own the rights to Spiderman still. So basically, MCU could pitch a Spiderman they want but Sony needs to approve this. Now this can be a testament as to what happened earlier this year. Remember when there was talk about a black Spiderman?

There was a number of different sources that posted the same thing. Then after a fortnight of speculation, there was nothing. A month after, it was announced that Marvel and Sony were suddenly looking to cast Parker. Why the sudden change? Well speculation was rife that Marvel always wanted Parker, to Marvel was scared of fan reaction to predictable politics. However, as you may well know there was an email from Sony. Stating what MUST Spiderman be...

I actually believe that this was true. Now I'm not against casting Peter Parker at all. I am however, a little pissed at Sony being negative towards ethnic superheroes. Especially when MCU are doing the movies not Sony, but Sony still call the shots?! So if MCU were going to cast Morales they should of fought Sony for it. There is nothing wrong with casting Miles Morales at all. Except for some companies and people...they are still stuck in the "good old days" of the superhero genre. I credit MCU for trying but did they try hard enough? Casting Morales would of been a positive impact. A racial barrier that would of been knocked down.

But of course, to the overwhelming evidence, Sony got their wish.

Do you think that MCU and Sony missed out on not casting Miles Morales? Were Sony right?


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