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At the time i was around 15 & i wasnt new to the ghost/demon/spirit things. It was very common for the girls in my family to experience things from the other side good or bad. Iwas laying in my bed sleep already for what i think was a half hour & igot a weird feeling in my stomach that something.. bad was in my room.i could just feel its presence which definitely worried me. Iwanted to get out of there.I opened my eyes (in my nightmare)& saw a dark grimlin like figure crouched down against the heart raced while it crawled slowley towards my bed.iwas so scared.itried multiple times to scream out for my mother who was in the next room but nomatter how hard i tried .. Nothing came out .just silent cries for someone to wake me up.i couldnt move my body atall it was like i was was now at the side of my bed reaching up for me and with every attempt at a scream it seemed my breath got shorter & it got to a point i was gasping for a good climbed on my bed right on top of my chest seeming to push me into my mattress & i closed my eyes (ididnt want to see it) & used everything in me to push out one good scream for my mom. She herd & was in my room shaking me awake in seconds. It wasnt my first time screaming in my sleep for her & she already knew why she prayed over me and the house & had my aunt that was big in the church do it too .all the females knew what i was going through. i thought i was going to die that night in my sleep. The worst feeling ever to not be able to breathe & be so helpless.


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