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The end of the second season of ''The 100'' left us with a lot of questions about what season 3 is going to show us.The departure of Clarke had a huge impact on us,especially when almost everyone expected an intense reunion of Bellarke.

There is a question that grinds us all:''WHERE IS CLARKE?''

Well,my fan theory is that after she left camp Jaha,she walked a little bit in the woods,to clear her mind.In the meantime,in the grounders camp,Lexa kills herself,because she feels really angry that she had to hurt Clarke during her fair with the Mountain men.As Lexa said in one of the episodes,after the leader of Grounders dies,he chooses the next leader.So here we go,Clarke will be the leader of the Grounders,Clexa fans are kind of happy,since their spirits are reunited,and this thing motivates the absence of Clarke.

Now everyone thinks of the Bellarke reunion.In my opinion,this reunion has to be designed as an intense one,that brings up a lot of painful memories. Although we can't deny the chemistry between them,Clarke hasn't figured out her feelings for Bellamy yet.So I think that in camp Jaha will appear some kind of problem,like the one we had with grounders in season 1,and there will be a new group of people.The Sky people will go for help,having Bellamy as their leader,and he meets Clarke,who is the leader of Grounders now.Although he can't believe how badass Clarke became,he still has feelings for her.It's not easy to see someone you love leading a group of people that once betrayed Sky people,and violated the alliance they had.

The Bellarke reunion won't start with kisses and hugs,it will start with alliances and a professional relationship.


I think that we will have a proper reunion on the middle of the season,and ..Who knows?Maybe there will be more than a kiss.

God,Please hear me!!
God,Please hear me!!

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