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He's back...almost.

Terminator: Genisys takes place in the year 2029, John Connor leads the resistance of man against Skynet and an army of machines, but as he readies a plan to save the past from this devastating future - Skynet rewrites history with their own plan - one that targets Connor in the past and present - and he may not be able to survive an assault on both fronts.

I had my doubts with Genisys ever since the title of the movie "Genisys" wasn't such a great title and the fact that the teaser trailer for the movie gave away the biggest plot twist in the movie, I mean the trailer showed way too much and spoiled the film for me. The other thing that made me less exciting for the movie is the fact that movie is saying that the first and second movie never happened and this is the true Terminator movie, f**k this I thought. My hope for this movie for being decent slowly went down as every time I hear some news from the movie is it's something to do with the cast or the little plot rumors.

But after seeing the movie it isn't all that terrible as I thought it was going to be, but it's not great.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as are favorite robot bad-ass and he brought he's one liners. Arnold is the most likable bad actor of all time and his slowly turning into an action hero icon. In this movie he once again nails it as the fearless but likable Terminator. I can't imagine anyone else playing the Terminator but only Arnold because it's the right role for him because well Arnold can play a robot really well and he's not even acting. Awesome work Arnold.

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns
Arnold Schwarzenegger returns

T-1000 is back in this movie but not for very long and it did feel out of place for T-1000 to be there, it like the film makers just threw him in there to remind you of T2, but I got to say that the run time of his screen time is the most enjoyable part of this movie. What the movie did well is making the T-1000 scary and dangerous again just like in T2, I mean T-1000 is the best villain in movie history and I'm happy they didn't screw the character up. Now after thinking about it and I did enjoy the T-1000 in the movie, but I have to admit the T-1000 didn't really need to be in this movie, I mean he's screen is very short and he wasn't very useful to the story; he was just throw there just to start the next action screen. If they just cut him out of the movie it wouldn't have made no difference at all and it wouldn't really effect the story. Now to those who haven't seen the movie and wondering why the T-1000 is in the movie well it's because I guesting he's been hunting down Sarah Conner maybe? but in the movie you first see the T-1000 designed up as a police officer driving around the dark streets like most officers do when it's night time to protect the streets at night, but anywhere he came across Kyle Reese as he steals a homeless mans cloths. Anyone remember in the original when Kyle was chase by that police officer in the opening well here it's changed because Kyle knocks him over and ask what year is is and T-1000 attacks him just like that. Okay here's the thing how did it know it's him? I mean you could think they sent another one back in time to hunt both of them down, but Skynet doesn't know that Kyle Reese is the father of John Conner or even know what he looks. I mean if it's been waiting how did it know that's the spot he's going to jumped off at, what if Kyle landed somewhere else? I know I went there and it may seem pointless to some but I seriously needed to get that out there somehow. Some people tell me to just enjoy the movie and don't think about stuff like that, well that's want some lazy moviegoers say just because they can't think themselves.

Lee Byung-hun as the T-1000
Lee Byung-hun as the T-1000

The one last thing that I can say positive about this movie is the fact that it's much better then Terminator 3. Now I don't hate this movie, I actually think it's a okay movie now keep that in mind, but now I'm getting into the problems and it's going to sound like I'm hating on this movie but keep in mind this is the stuff that bugged and why it bugged me.

Now I got nothing against Jai Courtney, I bet he's a nice guy in real life, but he is seriously not a good actor at all and him playing Kyle Reese was a huge miscast. At times I kept thinking he was a robot because of how robotic and wooden he was as a actor. I really don't get why he's getting such big roles in big movies, I mean the guy is not good at all.

Now another miscast was Emilia Clarke as Sarah Conner. She didn't do a terrible performance such as Jai Courtney, but all of her senses were quite cringe worthy and really awkward. There were scenes in this movie were Emilia almost did a good Sarah Conner but those scenes don't really last long. She's good in Game of Thrones but here she didn't really wow me in her performance.

The story and the writing were pretty messy. I mean this movie tries to improve things with the Terminator timeline by filling in the plot holes and the gaps, but it made things a lot worse and more confusing as this movie as more plot holes then the other Terminator movies. The movie is trying to redone the first and second movie by saying it never happened as the timeline as changed, but the real question is why change the first movie and the squeal? Leave those two movies alone. Why can't they do a Day of Future Past on Terminator 3, I would have been fine with that and it would have been a sorry letter to the fans of last two movies, but changing 1&

Awful Photoshop
Awful Photoshop

The actions scenes in the movie were fine and entertaining enough, but it didn't really wow me that much. It's mostly quick cuts and some of the action has been shown too much in the trailer so I wasn't all that trilled to see them as every clip and trailer showed most of the action scenes. The action isn't terrible but it was decent.

They where scenes in the movie were the re-create some scenes from the 1984 Terminator movie and it didn't really feel right. It felt weird and not the good weird.

Oh and Matt smith is in the movie...for six minutes and that's it.

Matt Smith
Matt Smith

Overall Terminator: Genisys has it's pros and it's cons. I say it's better than Terminator 3 but Terminator 2 still knocks this movie out of the park and still will be the classic 90's action film.

PS: James Cameron you lied!


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