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My name is Bruce Wayne, when I was 10 years old my parents were murdered in front of my eyes. I've spent my life trying to fight the same sort of criminals that took them from me

I've told that story so many times and to so many people, every single one of them believing, trusting every word I said. Why wouldn't they? I convinced my friends, I convinced my family, I convinced the world and I even convinced myself at one point. But now, as I'm nearing my end, I must get this out there. The world must know the truth about Bruce Wayne.

Well let me tell you how it really went down

I'd been waiting months to see the new Zorro movie, it's all anybody who was anybody back at school had been talking about. This true classic... the great Tyrone Powers, back on the big screen for one night only. I'd spent just as many months hounding Mother and Father to take me to the Monarch Theater on what would surly be the greatest night ever.

That day finally came. I awoke, and I remember, remember feeling so overjoyed. This was going to be one of the greatest days of my life. This would be a day I could remember for the rest of my life. Today was the day of Zorro and nothing was going to ruin that for me! The day itself went by pretty smoothly, well, that was until mid afternoon. My father, the "Great" Doctor Thomas Wayne was feeling a little agitated after a call with a fellow colleague, a Mr. Joseph C Hill. The same name I'd seen on a handful of smutty letters addressed to my Mother.

My father looked pissed, I'd seen him like that a few times, but not often. I had a ball and mitt on me, I thought he could do with some fresh air and exercise. Maybe it would relax him, so I approached him. "Father, care to play ball?"

That son of a bitch turned around and gave me a look I had never seen before, and out of nowhere, struck me across the face! I fell to the ground but with-out hesitation I got my ass up ran out of that office and straight to my room. My day had just crumbled, forget the fact good old Dad had just hit me. What about my goddamn movie?

It was around Eighteen hundred hours and Thomas came to my room. He gave some rushed little speech along the lines of how "we fall, just so we can learn to pick ourselves up". It truly was cringe-worthy. But that was his way of trying to say sorry, I didn't care much though. He ruffed up my hair and left the room, so I remained for a short while. Two hours passed and I heard the car horn. I looked out of the window to see my parents along with Alfred standing by the car. "Are you coming or not Bruce" my Mother yelled up. "We have three tickets to watch Zorro, unless you'd rather give up your ticket to Alfred. The darling deserves a break" My face blazed with delight. I was out of that room , down those stairs and out front of the manor sharpish. My father picked me up and swung me around. It was like earlier on that day had never happened. Alfred drove us into town and made his way to the Monarch. Pulling up I remember as clear as day the big bold red text reading 'The Mark Of Zorro'. This was a great time, Me and my Family together, doing something fun, something that didn't involve work or politics. Tonight was my night.

It was Ten Thirty and the shit had just hit the fan. Zorro had just infiltrated the enemies stronghold and was taken out the bad guys one after the other. His style was graceful, sleek. He was strong and fearless. He cared for his people and rebelled against corruption and filth. This man was instantly my hero and had a huge influence on my life. Just as should have been expected, I see my Father sliding is cell from his pocket, it was a message from Joe Hill. Suddenly, out of nowhere, without a word, he's up out of his seat, dragging me up from mine and yelling at my Mother. What the hell? I thought to myself, not now, please not now...

We left the theater and walked round the corner into Park Row, the time was now about Ten Forty and it was getting chilly. As you can probably imagine, I wasn't in the best of mood's. It felt like my whole world had just been turned upside down. My parents marched on while I lagged behind dragging my feet, they were arguing and I heard Joseph's name pop up a few times. I was being yelled at to hurry along between the two of them hurling abuse at one another, then for a second time today, Thomas decided to get angry. I look up and he has his hand around her throat, squeezing her, quizzing her with questions she can't possibly answer because she can barely breathe.

"How long has it been going on?", "Don't I give you enough?" "I'll kill him". My Mother managed to squeeze out an "I'm Sorry" But without hesitation he flung her to the ground, snapping her pearl necklace in the process

"I'm sorry, it was a mistake, I love you" she pleaded with him. He marched towards her and I ran to her aide. I stood in front of her while she still lay there, my Father quickly approaching. He raised his hand and as his arm lifted I caught a glimpse of his belt. Without a seconds thought I reached for his holster, grabbed that pistol and shot that son bitch straight in the chest!

I'm sorry, have I suddenly managed to lose you all somewhere? Where the fuck did this gun come from? Hello world, My Father was Thomas Wayne! The richest man in Gotham, and Martha, she was a Kane! Do you really think two of Gotham's richest and most well respected citizens would really travel out alone and so late at night without some form of protection? My Father refused to be followed by minders, saw them as a hindrance, so Alfred assured him a gun was the next best option.

I will never forgot that next moment, it seemed to play out in slow-motion. Father fell, it took him forever to fall, but when he finally hit that cold, hard alley floor; time seemed to snap back. My Mother screamed as she crawled herself over to him trying to stem the bleeding, but he was already dead. The bullet had ripped through his heart. She turned to me with a hateful face and cold eyes and I still hear those next words echoing in my head.

"What did you do? He was your Father, why would you?" "Mother he was going to hurt..." "You silly little cunt!" I stared at her with a lost face, my eyes emotionless, then I did it. I shot the stupid bitch too!

Her fading body slumped over his already still lifeless corpse. I froze and dropped to my knees. Laying the gun down I just starred into the distance. I don't know how long I knelt there, but the next thing I knew, I was surrounded by a couple of Gotham's not so finest. Over the next few days I moved back into the manor with Alfred as my legal guardian, also after a very brief investigation the police decided a string of abusive text messages to my Father and love letters detailing an affair with my Mother was enough evidence to point the finger at Joseph C Hill and he was arrested and convicted of their murders, while I was free to live my life as a victim of Gotham's most notorious crime.


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