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I recently went on a kick of watching the Harry Potter films. It was awhile since I've seen them all and I just decide to do it. But it got me thinking? What were my favorites? Which were my least favorite? So I decided to rank them.

So here it is. The 8 films, ranked.

#8- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The movie that started it all. And because it was first, it had a lot of heavy-lifting to do. It has the task of introducing us to a huge and magical world and doing it in around two hours. It does it well for the most part but, being as faithful to the book as it is, it was still a lot for two hours. The movie also felt the most like a kids film (I know it technically is one but that is besides the point).

There was also the child acting. I love Daniel, Emma, and Rupert. And I believe they understood their characters the second they appeared on-screen. But, you can tell it was really the first time they acted. Not a bad thing, seeing as they were 11 when they started. It is important to point out they got much better in the second movie.

#7- .... and the Deathly Hallows- Part 1

A beautifully filmed movie that is emotionally great, acted well, and all around a good movie. The reason it lands here is because it was pretty much a set up. This movie started the trend of splitting the last movie into two. And I understand the need to do it. Can you imagine how long and condensed the Deathly Hallows would have been as one film? Not a pretty picture. But with that said, the film drags on a bit to much. There are great moments throughout the film, but they are few and far between. Point for the film? Awesome animation for the story of the Deathly Hallows.

#6- .... and the Goblet of Fire

There film has a lot of great action. Dragons! Quidditch World Cup! Mermaids! Voldemort! The problem is this film the most clunky. A lot of abrupt cuts and scene endings leaves very little room to breathe. Most of the tournament feels rushed. The best parts of the film is the Yule Ball because it slows everything up a bit. And who could forget Maggie Smith and the dancing lessons. But, I got to say, it is impressive how much wait they put behind Diggory's death.

#5- .... and the Chamber of Secrets

This movie gets a bit of a boost because it was my favorite as a kid. And because it is the one I have seen the most. The film instantly feels more confident in itself coming off of the first. The acting is better. It feels darker but still has its lighter moments. It just feels more magical. It, however, suffers from a simple plot that was told pretty efficiently.

#4- .... and the Half Blood Prince

While re-watching this I realized something. The movie that had to deal with some of the darkest stuff was probably the funniest. Rupert steps up his game even though it was already pretty good. And it was nice to see Daniel and Emma get in some nice one-liners. And "But I am the Chosen One" scene is one of the best.

The problem was the dark stuff. They handled Dumbledore's death extremely well. But Harry dealing with Sirius's death it pretty much forgotten after the beginning. And the reminders that Voldemort is still out there sometimes broke up a pretty good flow at times. Which feels like a weird sentence to type.

#3- .... and the Order of the Phoenix

It feels wrong to put a number 3 next to this film, but I must. The movie took my least favorite book (and the longest) and turned it into a great film (and second shortest). It handled the darkness of what was happening really well. And it balanced the fun, light, magical parts perfectly with that darkness. And that battle at the end was wonderful. It was magical, devastating, and awe inspiring. It did miss a few times in getting everything that needed to be said in there. But that is really just nit-picking.

#2- .... and the Deathly Hallows- Part 2

The film is pretty much about dealing with death. From the many known characters dying to Harry coming to terms with his own death. And it works extremely well, sometimes better than in the book. It also feels like the last movie. It feels like the franchise's last hurrah. And it ends. The story ends. And it is all done in a very satisfying way.

It does have it's flaws, however. There still was a bit of a rush with some of the plot and Ron and Hermione was not given enough screen time. The whole "Not my daughter, you bitch" scene could have been handled better. As a matter of fact, so could've some of the things that had to do with Voldemort. But, overall, it was one of the best ways to say goodbye to a beloved franchise.

#1- .... and the Prisoner or Azkaban

Everyone knew Harry Potter had to get dark at some point. And though this was nowhere near the darkest of movies, it did set up the rest so well. It was the film that made it believable that the world could be dark but still entertaining. Because, guess what, this is absolutely the funnest film in the franchise. From the time travel to the werewolf to the flying on brooms and other things. It just felt fun and magical, even with the darkness hanging on at the edges. And who can forget Sirius Black? The film breathed new life into the series. Plus, it also is a fan favorite.

There you have it. My rankings of Harry Potter. What is your's? I know you disagree with my. So go ahead and do it.


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