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Theatre Geek. Love everything sci-fi fantasy musical action adventure tabletop & computer games. Have my own Theatre Company & Gaming Group.

I am a Geek - I LOVE anything sci-fi, fantasy, rpg, historical, game like (board games, video games, card games), reading (anything and everything), comics. I was raised on Star Trek, Dr Who, Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica, etol.

I am happy to take the label of Geek and apply it to myself - do you know why? Because.... well finally the Geeks are taking over the world.

You only have to look at the amount of money Comic Book & Sci-fi/Fantasy movies/television rake in. Comic Conventions, Sci-Fi Conventions - tickets sell out in seconds - thousands of people are going to these things.

There has been a significant increase in the amount of quality television shows based on comics or fantasy fiction - GoT, The Flash, Arrow, Super Girl, Smallville, Gotham, Constantine, Daredevil.

Once upon a time, been called a Geek was a death sentence for your social life; now, I have more friends that are into comics, sci-fi, fantasy and gaming, then I do friends who don't.

Geeks are intelligent, creative and fun individuals, who you know will be able to hold an intelligent conversation. When you have that group of friends who are all as excited as you about the new Star Wars movie or who are super jealous because you have announced you will be making every effort to obtain tickets to E3 and Comic-Con Sandiego in 2016 - you know, you are truly blessed.

Every couple of weeks, my husband, my brother, 2 of my work mates and 2 of my theatre mates and myself all get together to play D&D. During our breaks during the gaming session, we are all nattering away about the latest GoT or Flash episode. We are all super psyched for the new Star Wars movie and don't get us started on how excited we all are, when a new Pixar or Disney movie comes out.

I look at the actors who portray our favorite superheroes or starship captain, many of them have become icons. They are all role models, their facebook and twitter pages are used to raise awareness of some really important issues. They play characters who are all, a mix of true Geek qualities - intelligence, creativity, street and book smarts, a willingness to try to change the world. Even the villains (the majority of the time) have high intelligence and creativity.

It is time that we stopped teaching kids that been a 'Jock' makes you the best of the best. We need to teach kids that to be the best, you need to be a Jock but also the Geek - you must read books, you need to appreciate the thoughts/opinions/creativity of others.

I like to think that those who really make it in the world, are the ones who want to embody all of the above traits - they learn continually, they know how to work in a team, they know when to work alone, they strive to achieve in everything and know it takes work and practice. They are the thinkers and the doers. Even if they don't have the massive IQ, they work to their strengths and use other smarts.

Been a Geek means you see the world in colour, you see the wonder that is the world we live in and in the space we occupy. We see the world as filled with possibility and we want all of the wonders to manifest quickly. We work to fight the wrongs, we stick up for the little guy and we say No to the bullies.

I am a Geek! I am very proud to be one.


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